Wrapping Piece (lost soundtrack of Yoko Ono short film; 1967-1968)

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Yoko Ono (left) with her late husband, John Lennon.

Status: Lost

Wrapping Piece is a short film created by Yoko Ono that displays footage of the wrapping of the Lion statues in Trafalgar Square. Not much is known about this event outside of the film and the film itself is rarely screened. On top of that, there was a soundtrack for the film composed by Delia Derbyshire (known for the Doctor Who theme).

The Soundtrack

At the film's 2004 ICA screening, however, one of the curators was asked of its existence and had no knowledge of said soundtrack, but Delia herself has confirmed the soundtrack's existence in a 1999 interview with the magazine "Surface" in which she said:

The Interview

  • Sonic Boom: You worked with Yoko Ono for a while. What was that all about?
  • Delia: Yes, I did a film soundtrack for Yoko Ono. While she slept on my floor.
  • SB: That must have been 66-ish.
  • Delia: No, later than that. It would be '67 or '68. It was about the same time that she met John Lennon. Because when we were having our or...oh...orgy on the carpet. We had a...golly, my goodness! So yes, she did her Bottoms film. And we did the soundtrack for the shorter film, which was the wrapping of the lions in Trafalgar Square, which was a happening. I also did the music for Peter Hall's first feature film, Work is a Four Letter Word. I did the electronic part of the music...the bloopy bits when they'd taken the magic mushrooms.


While it is confirmed to exist, the soundtrack has not surfaced anywhere. It is considered completely lost.

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