Xerodox series (partially found online series of "Puyo Puyo" fangames; 2002-2014)

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Screenshot SinocsFactory1 Level1.png

Screenshot of the first game.

Status: Partially Found

The Xerodox series (name coined by Puyo Nexus) was a series of games distributed trough the now offline website Xerodox.com.[1] Unfortunately, the downloads for these game didn't get archived through the Wayback Machine. As of now, only part of the original Puyo Puyo Compendium source code and the complete Puyo Puyo Comnpendium 5.0 source code is in posession of Soph, the series' producer.


# Game Title Description Status
1 Sinoc's Factory Originally began development as a Puyo Puyo clone, Sinoc's Factory was a game similar to Columns. Programmed in Visual basic 6 and released in 2002. It would later get many sequels which are listed below. Lost
2 Sinoc's Factory 2 Sinoc's Factory 2 is the first sequel to Sinoc's Factory, also released in 2002. It added new features such as a "time warp" feature that altered the game's speed depending on chains. Lost
3 Sinoc's Factory 3 Sinoc's Factory 3 was very similar to Sinoc's Factory 2 but in this game, the added the Sun Puyo from Puyo Puyo Sun and a 2 player VS mode. Lost
4 Sinoc's Factory 4 Released in 2004, unlike the previous titles, this game played similar to Puyo Puyo rather than Columns. It introduced 3 new puyo types; Sapphire, Sick, and Chub Nut. This game marked the forming of SFTeam. Lost
5 Sinoc's Factory Fever Sinoc's Factory Fever was the 5th Sinoc's Factory game released in 2005. It is heavily based on the game "Puyo Pop Fever. It featured completely new graphics. And it featured special abilities for each character. It had some bugs which were fixed in it's 2008 rerelease. Lost
6 Sinoc's Factory 6 Powered by the same engine as Sinoc's Factory Fever, this game is more based on Puyo Puyo~n and again features brand new graphics. Another version of this game called Sinoc's Factory 6 Anniversary Edition was later released. The year this game and it's anniversary revision is currently unknown. Lost
7 Sinoc's Factory Anniversary Not to be confused with Sinoc's Factory 6 Anniversary Edition, This game is mostly based on Puyo Puyo Fever Chu. The game added a variety of features. Some of which that came from Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary. Lost
8 Sinoc's Factory EX No information on the game. Lost
9 Counter Conundrum A scrapped title which was the first game in this series not to be titled as a Sinoc's Factory game. No further information about this game is known yet. Lost
10 Puyo Puyo Compendium (Original version & Pre-5.0/5.0 versions) The last game in this series. The game started development as a sequel to Counter Conundrum (above) but later became it's own game. It featured the transformation feature from Puyo Puyo 7 as well as many other features, including an editor where the player could make mods for the game. In 2014, it was announced that the game was going to be completely rewritten from the ground up for the 5.0 version, with new character graphics and more customizability. A prerelease version was released. Found (Original)Lost (Pre-5.0/5.0)



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