Yosho's Island (partially found unreleased Sr. Pelo video; 2016)

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The video's supposed thumbnail.

Status: Partially Found

Sr. Pelo is a YouTube animator famous for his surrealist and loud style of humor. Most of his videos are parodies of famous IPs, most notably Mickey Mouse, and today he is arguably most well known for his "Spooky Month" videos. In 2012, he uploaded "Super WAA HOO Bros", a Super Mario Bros. parody, which currently has over 2 million views. He followed this up with sequels parodying Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. In 2016, He had planned to make another sequel parodying Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, known as "Yosho's Island", but it never ended up releasing.


On July 16, 2016, Sr. Pelo made a tweet on his Twitter account announcing he would begin working on "Yosho's Island". In it, he also posted a 2-frame gif of the video's title card.[1]

On September 21, 2016, he announced he was still working on the video in the description of "UNDERPANTS - 17", one of his Undertale parodies.[2]


Only a few remnants and screenshots of this video have been posted online. The most footage of the video publicly available can be seen in another video of his, "AUGUST #SavePelo", in which he is seen working on a scene of the video where Baby Mario is crying. This footage is not screen-recorded, so it is somewhat low quality.

A screenshot of Yoshi smashing an eggshell onto a piranha plant was posted on September 23, 2016.[3]

On September 14th 2023, LMW User TheRandomClub, sent a message to Sr Pelo on Newgrounds, and found out that about one minute to one and a half minutes of animation had been completed. He also stated that the last joke was either hitting the question block or a plant dying.

On September 15th 2023, TheRandomClub contacted Pelo again, politely asking him to release what was finished from the video. Pelo denied, stating that the main reason for its cancellation of said video was of the appearance of racist stereotypes (this was before he knew how the culture was in the United States). But after watching TerminalMontage's "Something About Yoshi's Story", and noticing how wild hairstyles weren't offensive, he wanted to do just like it, although instead of hairstyles, it was different hats. However, during this time, he had a sore throat, and was unable to make new audio.




"AUGUST #SavePelo", which showcases some work in progress animation from Yosho's Island in its opening.