You and the World (lost British TV series; 1964-1975)

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Birmingham Post April 24, 1967 article snipper that lists the schedule for the day that includes You and The World (On the second line listed after "3.26".

Status: Lost

You and the World was a British teen drama television series that aired from 1964 to 1975. This is a show that is completely lost, since screenshots, clips, DVDs or VHS cassettes of the show are virtually non-existent. The only thing to suggest that this show existed is its IMDb page and an April 24th, 1967 Birmingham Post newspaper that lists it in its schedule[1] .

Plot Synopsis

Very little is known about this show's plot. According to IMDb, it was a teenage drama for schools, involving the period between leaving school and working in the first jobs. The show also lasted 36 episodes, and it ran for 3 seasons.


  • Series Director: Charles Warren (3 episodes, 1964)
  • Series Writers: Gordon Bowker (1 episode, 1975), Peter Buckman (1 episode, 1975), Michael Cahill (2 episodes, 1969-1971), Joy Thwaytes (3 episodes, 1964)
  • Series Producers: Vic Hughes (14 episodes, 1972-1975), Charles Warren (1 episode, 1969), Lewis Rudd (unknown episodes)
  • Series Production Design: Jim Nicolson (2 episodes, 1964)
  • Production Company: Associated-Rediffusion Television
  • Distribution Company: ITV - Independent Television

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