Young Alive! iPS Cells for a New Future (partially found educational anime film; 2010)

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Status: Partially Found (Japanese Dub) / Existence Unconfirmed (English Dub)

Young Alive! iPS Cells for a New Future (Young Alive! ~iPS細胞がひらく未来~) is an educational film that was produced by studio MADHOUSE and Dynamo Productions in 2010.[1] It was exclusively screened at the Dome Museum at the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo, Japan and has a runtime of 28 minutes.[2] It only had a limited-time screening that started from July 27th, 2010. The last known screening of the film was from the weeks between November 20th and December 28th of the same year which came from the last known archive of schedules from the Miraikan Museum that displays the film was still showing.[3]

Plot and Background Information

The plot, provided from an archived article from the Miraikan Museum, goes as follows:

"6th-grader Nozomi Nanase spends a summer with her grandfather, a general practitioner in a countryside clinic. In the mountain village full of nature, animals and insects live powerfully, fearlessly. One day, Nozomi discovers lizards have special cells that can regenerate parts of their bodies. As her grandfather guides her through living nature and the wonders of the human body, Nozomi comes to learn about iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) and their immeasurable possibilities for the future."[4]

This 28-minute animation follows the life of "Nozomi," the protagonist, on her summer vacation with her grandfather, as she and the audience learns more about the iPS Cells, a recently-discovered embryonic cell that can help the medical industry, by using visual techniques such as 3D imagery and CG, in an easily-understood manner.[5]


A page in the Miraikan Museum about the film can be found but no further information about an international release can be seen.[6]

Another film from the Miraikan Museum called Looking at Chikyu is also on the site, and had been released on their official YouTube Channel.[7] Unlike the latter though, this film had never been released on their YouTube channel, let alone, an existence of an English Dub remains unconfirmed, as the Looking at Chikyu film had an English dub, called Encounter With Earth.

As of 2022, the only available footage of the film is a promotional trailer for the film uploaded by YouTuber Whiskey Bowl on October 8th, 2012. The song in the trailer, with the same name as the film, Young Alive! was sung by voice actress and singer, Nana Mizuki, who also voice acted Nozomi, the protagonist of this film.




Promotional trailer for Young Alive!

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