Zeddas: Horror Tour 3 / Labyrinthe (found Japanese PC game; mid-late 1990s)

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Horror Tour 3 front cover.jpg

The front cover of the game, taken from the Japanese Amazon page.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Jun 2018

Found by: Saint

Labyrinthe (ラビラーント), or the third game in the Horror Tour (ホラーツアー) series, is a very rare Japanese PC game released by Caravan Interactive sometime in the span of 1996-1998.

The first game (Horror Tour), was available for Sega Saturn and PC, and came to the West under the name Zeddas: Servant of Sheol. In it, you are trapped in a castle area and your goal is to solve puzzles and eventually find the evil demon Zeddas and kill him, freeing everyone in the process.

The second game (Horror Tour 2), was only released for PC in Japanese. It itself was lost until 2014. In the game, you have escaped the castle but Zeddas has been revived by evil followers. It is less puzzle-oriented and there is a combat system, and it is more diverse than the first game in that there are much more areas to explore. If you get the "good" ending, the game ends on a cliffhanger and you are transported to Zeddas' Labyrinthe.

Not much is known about the plot and gameplay of Labyrinthe. The old website of Caravan Interactive claims the game has "more than 20 puzzles", and talks about a fairy girl named Ripple (seen on the cover). The exact release date is not known, as the website page said 96, but the back of the cover seen on the Amazon Japan page says 98.


It is known that Labyrinthe was sold once on Yahoo Auctions Japan in 2005 (see the gallery below). Moreover, a Japanese PC game seller claimed to have seen it multiple times before.


Labyrinthe would eventually be leaked from a Mega folder called DO NOT UPLOAD on a private torrent site. Due to the concerns about the original collector (BakuDD) not wanting the folder to be released and threatening to take it down if anyone were to leak Labyrinthe, it was kept secret until YouTube user Saint uploaded the game himself on YouTube (see below).


Saint playthough of Labyrinthe. Also includes a Mega link to download it.

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