Adventures of the Little Koala (partially found original Japanese audio of anime series; 1984-1985)

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Status: Partially Found

Adventures of the Little Koala (コアラボーイコッキィ Koala Boy Kokki) is a anime directed by Takashi Tanazawa. It is produced by Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and aired originally in Japan from October 4, 1984 to March 28, 1985 on TV Tokyo, for a total of 52 episodes. The anime was later picked up, dubbed in English and French by the Canadian company Cinar Films and aired in United States from June 1, 1987 to April 2, 1993 on Nickelodeon.

Because the anime was huge in the United States, the original Japanese version has fell into obscure for many years, as only the opening, a promo, and several merchandise have surfaced and no episodes or even other information of it survived.



Promo for the Japanese version at 6:29 including the Japanese voice actress of Roobear/Kokki.
The opening to the anime.
A soundtrack version is only one available of the ending to the anime. It is only available in Arabic dubbed of the anime.