Aus Tausend und Ein Tag (partially found Germany stop-motion TV series based on The Thousand and One Days; 1976-1977)

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Contos dos 1001 dias video 1.jpg

Title of the Chinese version.

Status: Lost

Contos dos 1001 dias (Tales of the 1001 days) is a Galician stop-motion animated series based on The Thousand and One Days (Les mille et un jours), a collection of 18th century fairy tales written by the French François Pétis de la Croix, modeled on One Thousand and One Nights.

Detailed information about this series is virtually nonexistent, and even videos are not available. The only information about the existence of this series came from the book 童话往事: 中国译制动画片 (Fairy Tales of the Past: Chinese Translated Animations) published in China in 2017. The book is about foreign animations broadcast in China in the 1980s and early 1990s, and according to the book, the series was imported from the then West German international distribution company Transtel (now part of Deutsche Welle), translated into Chinese and aired on Guangdong TV on November 29, 1983.


The book describes the plot, which translates as follows.

"In a faraway country lived a princess named Sleika. One morning, while she was picking red roses in her garden, she saw a handsome prince from behind a stamen, but he disappeared in an instant. From then on, the princess grew thinner and thinner day by day in her unrequited love, causing everyone to worry. The clever servants remembered the "One Thousand and One Nights" and, imitating the hero in the story, tried to distract the princess by telling her a "The Thousand and One Days" to make her forget about the prince."

Episode List

According to the book, a total of nine episodes were produced and aired.

# Chinese Title Based
1 守财奴的拖鞋 Story of the Old Slippers[1]
2 法官作茧自缚 Unknown
3 忠贞的阿露雅 Unknown
4 飞箱的故事 Story of Malek and the Princess Schirine[2]
5 智叟阿斯德 Unknown
6 铁烛台 Unknown
7 开罗城的狡诈妇人 Unknown
8 克兹文城八桩怪事 Unknown
9 傻瓜比赛 Unknown

Images of Video Tape

On August 11, 2018, four images of a video recording of this series that aired in China at the time were shared on the Chinese forum community website Baidu Tieba.[3] However, only those four images were shared, not the video itself. There is one detail in the one image a person named "帕梅拉・波林・布朗" (Pamela Pauline Brown?) is involved in the script.

Comic Strip

The book states that a comic strip using images from the series as source material was published by Tianjin People Art Publishing in April 1985.

Although there are numerous listings of the comic strip on Chinese antique sales websites,[4] and some of the contents can be seen, it does not appear that images from the series were used as source material, but rather that they were drawn independently by the writer.


Fairy Tales of the Past

Chinese version