HBO Family 411 (lost HBO animated interstitial series; 1999-2000)

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Title card used for the series.

Status: Lost

HBO Family 411 was an animated short series using 2D claymation that aired during program breaks on HBO's family-oriented channel (HBO Family), first airing in 1999 (when the channel first launched) and running to 2000. 40 one minute episodes were produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios.[1]

Despite ending in 2000, reruns of the show aired for nearly two decades until January 2016, when HBO Family's kids programming brand was revamped into "HBO Kids", getting rid of the series and other long running interstitials seen on the network.

The series featured two characters, Rex and Mouse[2], a dog and mouse companion, who help each other out with hints that they also teach the viewers. The series was aimed at children aged 8 to 10 years old.

So far, no additional clips or anything else besides press releases mentioning the show have been found, other than two small clips from an HBO Family promo from 1999. On Cuppa Coffee's "Awards" website, two episode titles were discovered: a short about friends and a short about hobbies.[3]. An episode about logging on computers and keeping a pet's dish cold in the summer has also been mentioned. This was the pilot episode.[4]