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Buff Yoshi, the legend and mascot of the BrayBray brand.

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Well, like my first grade teacher always told me, a story is like a big hamburger, with the top bun being the beginning, the burger and toppings being the juicy middle, and bottom bun to round out this delicious meal. For the top bun, these are the words to be said:

"On April 18th, 1983, the Disney Channel launched as a premium cable channel."

These are the very first words said in Lost Media Busters video "Top 5 LOST Disney Channel Media", and thus the very first words ever heard from me (BrayBray) on YouTube. I'm that guy, the guy from The Media Busters, the guy who made the Blue's Clues video, the guy who made the article on that On The Hunt 5 thingy here on the wiki. You might know my name, but you might not know the person.

Hello my fellow friends here on the greatest website on Earth according to about 3.7 people give or take, I'm BrayBray, a YouTuber, wiki editor, and lost media contributor mostly known for just hanging out and sometimes working if I want to.

My start in this community is about the same as 95% of you reading this. Back around 2017-ish, I discovered YouTubers such as blameitonjorge and LSuperSonicQ who talked about this cool lost media thing where everyone and their second cousin was looking across the internet for the pilot episode to The Backyardigans or [insert any popular piece of lost media from the past decade in here]. I browsed the wiki for several years afterwards, looking and researching mostly from the sidelines, until one day in May 2020 where I finally had the guts to make an account on here, and the rest was history...

Ever since that faithful day, I've been working with my friends and fellow searchers to unlost the media once and for all. My first edit here was my admittedly poorly conceived contribution to the Blue Prints article on May 7th, 2020, but I've grown from there by creating my first full length article (Slamfest '99), helped lead groups such as the aforementioned Media Busters (formerly known as Lost Media Monsters), and made content on my very own YouTube channel (BrayBray). Nowadays it's easy to say that lost media is one of my greatest passions.

Below are some of the articles I've created here on the wiki, as well as some more funky stuff related to myself. I hope you enjoy these fine seven-course, five-star, banana split with a cherry on top meals that I put work into in an effort to spread awareness of the stories and people behind this great community. If you ever wanna contact me, I'm always open. Just reach out to me on Discord (BrayBray#6969), Twitter (@TheBasedBuffshi), or if all else fails, my good ol' talk page will do.

This has been BrayBray, thanks for reading, and remember that Buff Yoshi is forever supreme!

Pages I Created

These are the pages I have written for the LMW, it's pretty self-explanatory.

# Pages Date Other Info
1 Slamfest '99 aka "Super Smash Bros. LIVE" (lost livestream of promotional event for Nintendo 64 crossover fighting game; 1999) June 30, 2020

Lost Media Wiki's On The Hunt 5 Search!

🌟 Featured page (September 20, 2020 - January 27, 2021):

Yes, I'm the one who made the Slamfest article. Pretty big weight to carry all on my own but hey, I didn't know what would come of the search. I was just a kid who saw an opportunity to make their first article after seeing some videos by the lost media wizards known as Jorge and LSSQ.

2 New Super Mario Bros. (lost early builds of Nintendo DS 2D platformer; 2004-2006) August 22, 2020

🌟 Featured page (September 20, 2020 - January 27, 2021):

When I saw that the Cutting Room Floor prerelease page on New Super Mario Bros. (aka one of my favorite games ever) was pretty disorganized and poorly written, my motivation to get a more organized page here on the wiki grew. I worked hard on this article (10 days) and even today it's still one of my favorites.

3 SpongeBob SquarePants "Shanghaied/You Wish" (lost English audio from alternate "Patchy the Pirate" segments of Nickelodeon animated series episode; 2001) September 2, 2020 My first non-Nintendo article! This episode of SpongeBob is very interesting, as it introduced the show to the idea of democracy. It's likely the only piece of SpongeBob lost media from the actual show according to my research, and I was surprised to see there was no article already considering how much Spongy stuff is already on here (I'm looking at you A Day With SpongeBob). So what do I do? I get to work.
4 Super Mario Kart R (partially found pre-release version of "Mario Kart 64"; 1995) September 27, 2020 And we're back to the Nintendo articles. That sweet, sweet Nintendo Gigaleak really put SMKR in the limelight, since some stuff from that era of Mario Kart 64's development leaked from that massive collection of data. I've known about SMKR even before the Gigaleak, but hey, it doesn't hurt to gather all the available info up.
5 Piano Lessons (lost early television series; 1931-1932) December 14, 2020 Talk about a permanent piece of lost media. After a 1 1/2 month hiatus of making articles, I awoke from my article-making slumber to provide you all with Piano Lessons. The show is self-explanatory, and if you know what The Television Ghost is, then it's basically that story but with a piano and some professor guy. We may never know what truly went on with this show, but I think that's what makes it so interesting and ominous.
6 SpongeBob Town (lost build of cancelled massively multiplayer online game based on Nickelodeon animated series; 2012) February 5, 2021

🌟 Featured page (April 13, 2021-October 25, 2021):

Who lives in a department store in South Korea? SpongeBob Town! This was a pretty cool SpongeBob SquarePants-themed massively multiplayer online game much like Club Penguin and ToonTown that probably wasn't available in your country. Unfortunately for us, the game disappeared without even a whisper by the developers after it was initially tested. However, the search effort is still alive and well, and this is still one of my personal favorites.

7 The Umizumiz (partially found unaired pilot of "Team Umizoomi" Nick Jr. CGI-animated/live-action series; 2008) March 29, 2021 Yep, it's the Team Umizoomi pilot, it exists! All the little kids on here can rejoice. I made this article purely for the sake of preservation, but overtime I grew a fondness for Nick Jr. pilots like this. It's the rush of this very community, the ideology of us treasure hunters, and that deserves respect.
8 Vic's Vacant Lot (partially found ESPN/Nickelodeon sports series; 1982-1985) April 11, 2021 Welp, this ain't your father's sports programming, this is Vic's Vacant Lot, a show that aired on both ESPN and Nickelodeon from 1982 to 1985 and hosted by tennis legend Vic Braden (not spelled with a y). It profiled sports sent in by the kids watching along, whether it was Jug Scoop or Steal the Bacon, it was always a fun time. I made this article because I just thought it was a pretty interesting concept that just so happened to become lost media, not to mention it's Nickelodeon related so that's always a bonus. Glad to see some of it has finally been found!
9 Nickel Flicks (lost inaugural Nickelodeon series; 1979) May 13, 2021 The second super-ultra-mega obscure Nickelodeon show in a row. Nickel Flicks aired classic film serials and one-reelers from 1920s-40s, from stars such as Buster Crabbe, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, and Charlie Chaplin. The show was hosted by the fellow Motormouth himself John Moschitta Jr., known for his rapid speech delivery and starring in commercials for companies such as FedEx and Micro Machines. He's a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool track record. Sadly, it fell through the cracks of time and considering that some of Vic's Vacant Lot is found now, it remains Nick's only completely lost show.
10 The Mouse Factory (found Disney live-action/animated TV series; 1972-1973) June 2, 2021 My 10th article on the wiki, we've made this a factory in itself. Speaking of factories, welcome to the The Mouse Factory! This show is a fun one, where various live-action and animated segments (mainly involving Mickey Mouse and Disney) are combined, with a different celebrity host per each episode. When I made this article, the show was only partially found, but a big dump of episodes was made available in the months following, and now it's completely found! Really goes to show you how powerful the lost media community truly is. I was first brought to the attention of this obscure part of Disney's history by the video "Lost Media: Disney Theme Parks Edition!" by Colin LooksBack, and I saw this cool Disney show and jumped on the case! Because, you know, I'm the obscure show guy now apparently.
11 Pocket Money (non-existent inaugural Nickelodeon series; 1979) July 1, 2021 This is a strange one. Pocket Money has always been somewhat of an inside joke between me and my friends, as we are the biggest early Nickelodeon enthusiasts. Basically, to give a brief explanation of what Pocket Money, it's a mysterious show that was mentioned in the very first press kit for Nickelodeon in 1979... and was never mentioned again. It's never been confirmed nor denied to exist, and there are a few theories on what exactly it was and what happened to it. I eventually cooked up an article and video on it after finding out about it from a specific YouTube channel, and from there it became more and more likely that this Pocket Money show was just the inaugural Nick show By The Way.

Turns out we were correct.

12 Season Six Alternative Packaging Program (lost audio from phone number based on "The Simpsons" animated TV sitcom; 2005-2011) July 27, 2021 Yet another article inspired by a YouTube video. This one comes from Kid Leaves Stoop's video about the The Simpsons Season 6 DVD box set controversy and the "Season 6 Alternate Packaging Program". It's a pretty cool video, and I recommend you watch it, but to summarize it here:

"Simpsons fans and DVD collectors were big mad at Homer box, Fox sets up program to get new box."

The lost media here is that there was a phone number you could call a phone number that had a totally-not-voiced-by-Dan Castellaneta Homer Simpson redirecting you to the site where you could order a new box. The phone number is now out of service and thus, the audio for the number has become lost media.

13 Billion Dollar Freshmen (lost unaired pilot episode of "Lab Rats" Disney XD live-action comedy TV series; 2010) August 21, 2021 Ah... Lab Rats... the classic Disney XD show from... 4 years ago. However, before everyone's favorite bionic television program, a pilot was shot in 2010 with the working title Billion Dollar Freshmen, and it was quite different from what the show would eventually become. Flash to me, researching this pilot for this 2010's Disney XD show because my good friend is apparently the C.E.O. of Lab Rats and thus he decided to slap it in a YouTube video that I worked on. Well here we are, now it's the billion dollar freshest article in existence.
14 Bing! The Sound of Something New (partially found Nickelodeon magazine TV series; 1995) September 13, 2021 Bing! The Sound of Something New was a pretty obscure show that aired on Nickelodeon, you can probably see the theme in what lost media I favor now. It only lasted three months in 1995 and it was hosted by certified cool guy David Sidoni, who profiled various lifestyle topics such as music, fashion, sports, and technology. The show would also cover what it thought was in with the kids at the time. I read a few IMDb reviews from the show, and from what I can tell, the show really wanted to be hip with the kids but just fell on its face doing so. I made a video with The Media Busters about it too, and public interest and findings have only grown from there.
15 Kids' Court (partially found Nickelodeon non-traditional court series and other media; 1988-1994) October 17, 2021 Hey, it's finally time I took the kids to court. Continuing my long heritage of old lost Nickelodeon shows, Kids' Court is an odd show. The quote-on-quote "accurate" portrayal of the American judicial system using kiddie problems makes for an... interesting show to say the least. Yet it's fascinating in both this aspect and with all the lost media surrounding it, including five (yes, five) pilots for the various versions of the show and a British version that are lost. This is certainly a wild one.
16 Pudding Toast (lost unaired pitch pilots of unsold Nickelodeon animated series; 2012) November 1st, 2021 Well, back to the grind of making these Nick articles. Pudding Toast seemed to be some kind of pilot created and pitched to Nickelodeon by We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong. We don't know exactly what it was, as little is known about it outside of a Tweet by the man himself as well as one single piece of concept art. But hey, if anyone wants to start yet another Nickelodeon search, Pudding Toast is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered! I was originally informed of this pilot my by my good friend kai (you should totally go check out their channel) as well as Kittycat-fox! Thanks!
17 Project Gilroy (lost Cartoon Network animated pilot; 2007) March 30, 2022 I broke the streak of purely Nickelodeon stuff with this cool little pilot that unfortunately never made it to air. When I first saw this in an LSSQ video, my interest in this mysterious project went up, instantly becoming one of my personal favorites. I recommend you give this one a read, I put tons of effort in this one especially and I hope it satisfies your interest.
18 Against the Odds (partially found Nickelodeon documentary TV series; 1982-1988) April 30, 2023 After a year and one month hiatus of making articles for the wiki, I'm back on that Nickelodeon streak with this informative yet bland historical documentary show that kids just ate up back in the day... or not. It's only partially found now so that's really all that matters to us.
19 The Really Cool Adventures of Captain Underpants (lost self-published "Captain Underpants" prototype novel; 1989) May 29, 2023 I thank my good friend YoshiKiller2S for informing about this interesting one, it's got some good search potential if we can actually get in contact with the right parties and get around Dav Pilkey's hypothetical electric fence to protect him from kids screaming about book 13.
20 PopClips (partially found Nickelodeon music video TV series; 1980-1981) November 26, 2023 My 20th article, and how fitting is it that it's about my bread and butter, early Nickelodeon. You think this is over? I'm just getting started...

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