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The box art for the retail game.

Status: Lost

New Super Mario Bros. is a 2006 game for the Nintendo DS. The game is a regular game in the Super Mario series and is a return to the 2D gameplay the classic games in the series are known for. The game was a critical and financial success, selling over 30 million copies, making it the best-selling game on the Nintendo DS and one of the best-selling games of all time.

Before the game was officially released on May 15th, 2006, the game had several early builds shown off at various events and websites. While these builds have many videos and images proving their existence, the builds have not been dumped in any form and are considered lost.[1][2]

E3 2004 Build

Status: Lost

A screenshot of Mega Mario in the E3 2004 build, in a different environment than the final game.

New Super Mario Bros. was first shown to the public at E3 2004. This build shows the game in a very early stage, with many differences from the final game.[3] Some of the major differences include no music or HUD, Mario being able to backflip (and do other 3D Mario-esque moves), and environments and levels that were not used in the final game. The game also seems to take on a more cartoony style at this point.

Nintendo World Report writer Chris Martino had also stated in an article that he had watched the E3 2004 footage of this build (see Videos).[4] While the footage is mostly the same as what the public saw, Martino mentions that the main rival of Mario, Bowser, could be seen running through a level much like how Mario can. Martino wrote:

"The clip opens on old-school Fireball Mario, looking better than ever, as he takes out goombas with the greatest of ease. Mario returns to breaking blocks, collecting coins and hopping down suspicious pipes in what one can only assume is an attempt to save the princess. In addition to the standard jump everyone loves, he also has a nifty backflip jump. In one section, Mario grows to gigantic proportions allowing him to simply run over enemies, including his arch-nemesis Bowser. Of course, Bowser isn't without a new trick or two, as the clip shows him running through a level Mario-style and even jumping on top of the flag pole at the end. Rest assured, we'll be watching this one very closely."

This possibly implies that Martino watched an uncut version of the footage that was shown to the public.

E3 2005 Build

Status: Lost

The early logo for New Super Mario Bros., shown in Nintendo's E3 2005 press kit.

New Super Mario Bros. was shown for the second time at E3 2005, along with a playable demo. The game was much more complete and was closer to the final game.[1] There are still many differences in the final game such as different graphics and tilesets, three power-ups for the bottom-screen reserve instead of one, and a two-player mode that is much like the one in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, rather than Mario vs. Luigi.[5][6][7]

This build also uses a very different logo compared to the final game, with the logo being seen in the playable demo, as well as a high-quality version in Nintendo's E3 press kit (shown above).[8]

Other Known Builds

While the E3 2004/2005 builds are the most documented and well-known, there are other builds showcased at various other events, websites, and magazines that are different from the builds mentioned above.

Many of the builds mentioned below are very similar or the same as the ones mentioned above, and there are conflicting sources on many of the builds from this point forward. This article will only have the most accurate info known to the public.

GC 2005 Demo/DS Conference 2005

Status: Lost/Existence Unconfirmed

A demo was shown off at the German Games Convention, or Gamescom, in 2005. This build is also the same or very similar to the one shown off at DS Conference 2005.[9] Not much is known about the build itself. It was explained in an IGN article, with many attributes to the E3 2005 build (such as the three reserve spots). However, the article mentions a "drill move", where if you are sent flying high enough into the air, you can destroy bricks and enemies below you.[10] This feature does happen in the final game, although you have to be launched from a Spin Block. It is unknown if this feature and other distinguishable features (if any) are in the E3 2005 demo or if it is the actual E3 2005 demo.

Famitsu/Nintendo Dream Builds

Status for first build: Existence Unconfirmed

Status for second/third build: Lost

Status for Nintendo Dream build: Lost

An article in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, released on an unknown date (possibly after E3 2005), has several screenshots of an unknown build. While it is up in the air as if the captures are mockups, with the images not showing any HUD, it shows several levels with differences from the final version, such as a part of the level 6-1 showing a volcano background instead of a mountain background.[11]

These "screenshots" are also mixed with screenshots that look like real gameplay, so it's possible that some are taken from another build of the game, with the others being mockups.

More screenshots were revealed on the March 13th, 2006 issue of Famitsu, more screenshots of the game were released. Unlike the other earlier issue, these are confirmed to be actual gameplay captures, with the game being close to final.[12]

There are few differences in this build, with one of the only noticeable differences being the HUD being closer together. Other info about this build is unknown.

The 906th issue of Famitsu is the final Famitsu issue to feature New Super Mario Bros. It has more screenshots. However, these seem to be from around the same build as the second issue.[13][14]

The final notable magazine to feature New Super Mario Bros. is Nintendo Dream. It is very similar to the builds in Famitsu, although there are some level tweaks. Several screens exist from this build.

E3 2006/DS Conference 2006/GDC 2006

Status: Lost

A near-final build of the game was shown off at E3 2006, as well as an image of the same (or similar) build at the DS Conference 2006 and the Game Developers Conference 2006.[15][16] This build seems to be very finalized, as most changes can be considered minor.[1]

There are several screenshots and a video of the trailer,[17] however, another video hosted on an unknown website (possibly Nintendo's Japanese website) shows some of the largest differences. One of these differences being the "bah" sounds in the music being missing, even though the orchestra hits are still present. Again, it is unknown if this build is the same as the build(s) shown at E3 and other events.


While many of the builds have lots of screenshots and videos proving their existence, the builds themselves have not been leaked or dumped in any form online. It is also believed that press-only screenshots and videos, such as the uncut E3 2004 footage, are also long lost. These builds have a low chance of ever leaking in full, as Nintendo is well known for protecting early builds of games.


E3 2004 Screenshots

These screenshots show a placeholder bottom screen, with mushrooms moving in a straight line and a placeholder logo.

E3/GC/DS Conference 2005 Screenshots

Famitsu Screenshots

Famitsu (March 13) Screenshots

Famitsu (906) Screenshots

E3/GDC/DS Conference 2006 Screenshots

Other Images


E3 2004 Video

The E3 2004 trailer for New Super Mario Bros..

E3 2005 Videos

The trailer for New Super Mario Bros. shown at E3 2005.

Gameplay of the Mega Goomba boss at E3 2005.

More footage from the E3 2005 demo.

Footage from a desert stage at E3 2005.

E3 2006 Videos

The trailer for New Super Mario Bros. shown at E3 2006.

The trailer from around E3 2006, presumed to be from Nintendo's Japanese website, without the "bah" sounds in the music.

Other Videos

Beta 64's video on the development of New Super Mario Bros..

DidYouKnowGaming?'s video on New Super Mario Bros., also narrated by Beta 64.

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