The Mouse Factory (found Disney live-action/animated TV series; 1972-1973)

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The title card for the series.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Jun 2022

Found by: Halloweenguy

The Mouse Factory was a television series produced by Walt Disney Productions, airing for two seasons between January 26th, 1972 and March 5th, 1973. The show was created by Disney animator Ward Kimball for syndicated television.[1]


The Mouse Factory combines various live-action and animated segments, with a different theme and celebrity host per episode. These celebrity guests, known as "Mickey's Friend" in the show, interacted with classic Disney characters and tied in various short films and clips of feature films, mainly by Disney themselves. The show took place at a "factory" at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.[2]

Some episodes included more basic plots, such as an episode about Mickey Mouse's early career, while others were more elaborate, such as an episode about sports, where host Charles Nelson Reilly was a referee at Goofy's basketball game and shown at a horse race betting on the wrong horse.[3]

Some of the celebrity hosts featured on the show include Phyllis Diller, Don Knotts, Annette Funicello, Jim Backus, Jonathan Winters, Shari Lewis, Jo Anne Worley, Kurt Russell, and Harry Morgan.[2]


The show aired various re-runs on the Disney Channel during the 1980s and 1990s,[4] and user Halloweenguy found all of the episodes from these recordings. A vinyl record based on the show was also produced by Disneyland Records in 1972, which is archived online and available for purchase on Amazon.[5]

On June 3rd, 2022 LMW user Halloweenguy found and uploaded every episode of the series to the Internet Archive.

Episode List

Season 1

# Episode Title Host Airdate Status
1 Vacations Charles Nelson Reilly Jan 26th, 1972 Found
2 Women's Lib JoAnne Worley Feb 2nd, 1972 Found
3 Folk Tale Favorites Johnny Brown Feb 9th, 1972 Found
4 Spooks and Magic Phyllis Diller Feb 16th, 1972 Found
5 Physical Fitness Don Knotts Feb 23rd, 1972 Found
6 The Great Outdoors Dom DeLuise Mar 1st, 1972 Found
7 Water Sports Joe Flynn Mar 8th, 1972 Found
8 Man at Work John Byner Mar 15th, 1972 Found
9 Music Skiles and Henderson Mar 22nd, 1972 Found
10 Interplanetary Travel Jonathan Winters Mar 29th, 1972 Found
11 Homeowners Jim Backus Apr 5th, 1972 Found
12 Spectator Sports Charles Nelson Reilly Apr 12th, 1972 Found
13 Horses JoAnne Worley Apr 19th, 1972 Found
14 Aviation Johnny Brown Apr 26th, 1972 Found
15 Back to Nature Wally Cox May 3rd, 1972 Found
16 Bullfighting to Bullfrogs Pat Buttram May 10th, 1972 Found
17 Sports Pat Paulsen May 17th, 1972 Found

Season 2

# Episode Title Host Airdate Status
1 Alligators Johnny Brown Sep 11th, 1972 Found
2 Paul Bunyan Jim Backus Sep 18th, 1972 Found
3 Bullfighting Bill Dana Sep 25th, 1972 Found
4 Knighthood Henry Gibson Oct 2nd, 1972 Found
5 Pluto John Astin Oct 9th, 1972 Found
6 Goliath II Kurt Russell Oct 16th, 1972 Found
7 The Mouse Show Dave Madden Oct 23rd, 1972 Found
8 Cats Shari Lewis and Hush Puppy Oct 30th, 1972 Found
9 Ben Franklin Wally Cox Nov 6th, 1972 Found
10 Mickey Mouse Annette Funicello Nov 13th, 1972 Found
11 Lions Henry Gibson Nov 20th, 1972 Found
12 Consciences Harry Morgan Nov 27th, 1972 Found
13 Noah's Ark Bill Dana Dec 4th, 1972 Found
14 Hunting John Astin Dec 11th, 1972 Found
15 Sports Nipsey Russell Dec 18th, 1972 Found
16 Tugboats Dave Madden Dec 25th, 1972 Found
17 Automobiles Ken Berry Jan 1st, 1973 Found
18 Trains Harry Morgan Jan 8th, 1973 Found
19 Homes Jim Backus Jan 15th, 1973 Found
20 The Reluctant Dragon Wally Cox Jan 22th, 1973 Found
21 Wheels Johnny Brown Jan 29th, 1973 Found
22 Winter Fun Kurt Russell Feb 5th, 1973 Found
23 Penguins Annette Funicello Feb 12th, 1973 Found
24 Elephants Nipsey Russell Feb 19th, 1973 Found
25 Mickey and the Beanstalk Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop Feb 26th, 1973 Found
26 Dancing Ken Berry Mar 5th, 1973 Found



The record based on The Mouse Factory, produced by Disneyland Records in 1972.

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