Very Important House (found Disney XD animated pitch pilot; 2016)

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Very important house.webp

Screenshot of the pilot.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Apr 2024

Found by: Anonymous

In 2016, Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim) and Jenny Goldberg (character designer for Rick and Morty) pitched a pilot titled Very Important House to Disney XD. In the pilot, an 12-year-old named Frolie moves into a very important house with her cat Grampa, and suddenly the two become the caretaker of the universe, tasked with having to help and solve very important things, like helping a purple acidic blob creature find a way to earn an entire town's trust; Because if a very important thing doesn't get solved, the whole universe will probably explode.[1]


After both Vasquez and Goldberg finished working on their previous shows, they both worked together on the pilot for 4 years, to which they pitched it to Disney in 2016. However though, the network ending up rejecting the pilot.[2] The reason for its rejection was unclear but Vasquez has stated in a (deleted) blog post that it

"no longer seems to gel with the direction of programming going on around [Disney XD]."



For a while, the only footage of the pilot came from a 2016 demo reel uploaded by Titmouse's YouTube channel. At some point Vasquez uploaded more clips of the pilot to his YouTube and Twitter accounts.[4]

On April 25th, 2024, the pilot (along with various other Disney TVA pilots, animatics and series bibles) was anonymously posted online in a 4chan thread that was initially made just to spark a conversation about "Martin & Yolotzin".[5]



2016 demo reel by Titmouse.

More clips of the pilot.


Lunar Sea Spire's video on the subject.

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