Disney Channel "Disney's One Too" (partially lost "Recess" gags of TV channel block; 1999-2003)

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Logo for Disney's One Too as seen on the UPN Cleveland affiliate WUAB.

Status: Partially Lost

In 1997, Disney created the Disney's One Too block as a spinoff from their successful Disney's One Saturday Morning block on ABC. One Too would air every other day from Saturday on the now-defunct UPN channel in America and the Family Channel in Canada. It showcased, more or less, the same shows that One Saturday Morning would air.

However, in contrast to how One Saturday Morning aired educational content bumpers, One Too aired short “gag” bumpers featuring their current shows. The shows featured include Disney’s Doug, Sabrina: The Animated Series, Recess, and Pepper Ann. Most, if not all of the gags had been uploaded to the internet in some form, save for the gags based on Recess. For a time, they were absent online. Later on, only three of the unknown number of Recess gags had been uploaded. This rarity may've been due to the fact that the Recess gags have only been reported to have been seen on the Family Channel. It is unknown if the gags were ever broadcast on UPN.

Eventually, YouTube user Evieteresa would upload a lot of remaining Recess gags, with the exception of a Swinger Girl gag having its beginning cut off, making it unclear what its title is. It's unclear if all gags have been found with the exception of this discrepancy, assuming's there's stock in the other shows of the block having different amounts of gags.

Gag Listing

Episode Title Status
Bloopers from the Recess Vault Found
What Did the Diggers Dig Up? (Version 1) Found
What Did the Diggers Dig Up? (Version 2) Found
Telephone Found
Daredevil Gus Found
Bad Weather Found
King Bob Speaks! Found
3rd Street Field Day Found
TJ's Dream Day Off Found
Kindergartner's Surprise Found
(Swinger Girl Gag) Partially Lost


"Bloopers from the Recess Vault"

"What Did the Diggers Dig Up?"


Most of the gags.

"What Did the Diggers Dig Up?" (Version 2).

Comparison between gags and original series sources.

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