La Chambre Folle (lost French Disney children's TV block; 1998)

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Set of Wake Up In The Wild Room and French host Billy.

Status: Lost

La Chambre Folle ("The crazy room") was a French Disney children's TV show block, that aired in 1998 on channel TF1.


It was a localization of the British Disney kid show block Wake Up In The Wild Room, that aired from 1996 to 1998.

Both shows were set in a large fun house with windows that would close and open to reveal different images, two flying "dust" creatures with long floppy ears, a creepy mischievous ghost chef, and a human host.

The shows were a mix of airing Disney cartoons, comedy/storyline skits involving the characters - usually the human host having to deal with the antics of the creatures and the ghost - and a game show where children would compete around the house. The last round had the children throw socks at the windows, having to avoid hitting pictures of the ghost chef: if they did, he would come out and throw pies at the children's faces.


Originally hosted by Dave Benson Phillips in its British incarnation, the role was taken by Frédéric Richard (aka "Billy") in the French version. Billy had an experience of hosting Disney shows on French TV at the time.

Originally called Gary the Ghost, the ghost chef is renamed Tarignoble in French and is also played by a different actor.

The same sets were used for shooting the French edition as production for Wake Up In The Wild Room was finished.


While episodes of Wake Up In The Wild Room can be easily found online, no footage of La Chambre Folle is available, not even pictures.

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