Country Club (partially lost test pilot of "Big City Greens" Disney Channel adventure-comedy animated series; 2015)

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Big city greens pilot.jpeg

An image announcing the pilot's screening.

Status: Found (animatic)
Partially Found (animated test pilot)

Date found: 25 Apr 2024 (animatic)

Found by: Anonymous (animatic)

Big City Greens is an animated comedy-adventure series that has aired on Disney Channel since 2018. The series is about Bill Green and his two kids, Cricket and Tilly moving into his mother's house in Big City after losing his farm, where his children go on many adventures around the city.

Test Pilot

In 2015, a test pilot was made when the show went under the title Country Club, it was an early version of the first episode "Space Chicken" with earlier character designs along with different voices for some. Since the show premiered the only information on the pilot that was available was from one of the show's creators Chris Houghton's Tumblr blog where he posted various concept art from the pilot,[1] along with various storyboards comparing it to the first episode.

In July 2021, some footage of the pilot was released online by the show's creator and was quickly saved by Reddit user yepitsthattrickroll before the original post was deleted.[2]

On April 25th, 2024, the full 11-minute and 30-second animatic for the show's pilot was discovered among a collection of pitch bibles, pilots, and other animatics from shows by the Disney Television Animation Co. that was anonymously posted online.



Clips of the test pilot.

Concept Art


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