Pepper Ann (partially found unaired Nickelodeon pilot of Disney animated series; 1996)

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Pepper Ann pilot title card.png

The pilot's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Before Pepper Ann was green-lit by Disney, Pepper Ann was in development at Nickelodeon, and an animated pitch reel was produced. However, during the development process, Linda Simensky, a Nickelodeon executive who brought Sue Rose to Nickelodeon, and was the main supporter of the project, left for Cartoon Network. Due to this, Nickelodeon passed on picking up the show.[1] Sometime during the development process at Nickelodeon, the executives asked creator Sue Rose to re-design the characters to look less like Fido Dido, a popular cartoon character who was also created by Sue Rose. Mr. Warburton, the show's eventual lead character designer, was brought in to re-design the characters.[2] One of Mr. Warburton's early designs of Pepper Ann was used for the pilot.

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Promo for "Disney's One Saturday Morning" which contains clips of the pilot.
Another early promo for the show that contains different clips of the pilot.

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