Amphibiland (found pitch pilot of "Amphibia" Disney Channel animated series; 2018)

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The pitch pilot's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Apr 2024

Found by: Anonymous

Amphibia is an animated series that ran on Disney Channel from 2019-2022. The series about a girl name Anne who steals a magic box called the Calamity Box which transports her and her friends Sasha and Marcy to a tropical marshland called Amphibia where they explore around with their antropromorphic frog friends they meet there.

Pitch Pilot

In 2018 a pilot was made to pitch the show to Disney under the title Amphibiland. The pilot's plot was an early version of the episode "Best Fronds" with some differences compared to the final show such as Anne wearing 2 shoes instead of 1 (with one of them damaged), the frog character Sprig originally named Weed and the song "Rather Be" by Clean Bandits being used in the pilot.


For awhile the only pieces of pilot material that resurfaced were some concept art and a sizzle reel that was uploaded to YouTube in 2020. The reel contained a minute and a half of footage and the character Polly was absent from it.

On April 25th, 2024, the full pilot was found and uploaded online onto various file sharing sites along with other various Disney Television Animation Co. pilots and workprints. Unlike the footage from the sizzle reel, the rest of the pilot wasn't fully animated with Polly also appearing in it.


Early Drawings

Concept Art

Character Model Sheets


Footage of the pitch pilot from the sizzle reel.

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