Hannah Montana (lost production material of cancelled anime adaptation of Disney Channel teen sitcom; 2009-2010)

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Logo from the live-action series.

Status: Lost

Hannah Montana is an American live-action children's sitcom starring Miley Cyrus that aired on the Disney Channel between March 24th, 2006, and January 16th, 2011, that also inspired a theatrical film in 2009. The series was allegedly set to receive an anime adaptation by Toei Animation, though the project was ultimately cancelled and was never officially announced.

News of the show leaked in May 2010 through a thread posted on the Daizenshuu EX (now known as Kanzenshuu) forums, a fan site devoted towards the Dragon Ball media franchise. In it, Wasted Wisher, an animator at Toei Animation Philippines, leaked the existence of a new Dragon Ball production meant to be a tie-in for a video game.[1] This would later be revealed as Dragon Ball: The Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans, which was bundled with the 2010 PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 release Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.[2][3]

In the thread, Wasted Wisher stated that he had worked on Digimon Xros Wars and some sequences for an unannounced Hannah Montana anime.[4] He explained that Toei had begun development on the show in 2009. Four different artists were chosen to create pitches for the visual direction of the series. Two were later developed into music videos. At the time of his post, Wasted Wisher claimed that Toei Animation Philippines had begun full production on the series, with them now animating the show's first episode. He implied the series would be closer to the original than Toei's other adaptation of a western property, Powerpuff Girls Z.[5]

Neither Toei or Disney publicly acknowledged the production. Wasted Wisher was later fired after Toei discovered he was behind a number of leaks, including production art for then unannounced Dragon Ball projects. Radiant Lloyd Firefly did contact Wasted Wisher and another person who worked at Toei Philippines, who both confirmed that the anime was being produced, but they couldn't give animation stills because, according to animators working at Toei Japan, Toei was extra protective of their assets, ever since the Dragon Ball leaks by Wasted Wisher.[6][7][8][9][10][11]


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