Commando Crash (lost pitch pilot of cancelled spin-off of "Crash & Bernstein" Disney XD sitcom; 2014)

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Crash, who would've been the protagonist for the pilot.

Status: Lost

Commando Crash is a pilot produced and ordered in 2014.[1]

It was planned to be a spin-off of Crash & Bernstein, a Disney XD show about a boy from Portland, Oregon called Wyatt Bernstein who has three sisters and wishes to have a brother to play with. His wishes come true in the form of Crash, an epic muppet who gets into wacky hijinks.


The pilot follows Crash as he goes to the Oak Shield Military Academy.[2]

Which is an institution with a deep divide between the Alphas and the Clunks. The Alphas embody the academy's ideals of discipline and honor. In contrast, the Clunks are a group of outcasts sent to Oak Shield as a last resort to curb their rebellious tendencies.

Crash, recognizing the potential within the Clunks, rallies them together, igniting a spark of courage and determination within their fellows. Together, they form an unbreakable bond, united in their resolve to challenge the Alphas' dominance towards the academy.


It was announced that Disney XD had started the production for the pilot on July 10th, 2014.

On July 12th, 2014, the pilot was confirmed to be completely finished by one of the cast members on Twitter[3].

However, the pilot wasn't picked up by the network, nor had aired. Currently, no footage or stills from it have resurfaced.



Interview with Tim Lagasse where the pilot is discussed (20:43).

Cast and Characters

  • Adam Dorfman as Sterling;
  • Armaan Juneja as Z;
  • Cameron Ocasio as Hunter;
  • Megan Goodman as Kit;
  • Nicholas Stargel as Duchowski;
  • Tim Lagasse as Crash; [4]