Welcome to Pooh Corner (partially found Disney Channel live-action puppet series; 1983-1986)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Welcome to Pooh Corner is a Disney Channel show that began airing the same day the Disney Channel began airing, on April 18th, 1983. It is notable for being the first Winnie-the-Pooh TV series.

The show starred mostly costumed actors in live-action, with Roo being a puppet (later portrayed by a smaller actor in costume).[1] Although the show ended in 1986, reruns went through 1997. Six volumes were released by Walt Disney Home Video in the US, along with a VHS release of the educational special "Too Smart For Strangers."[2] Each volume contained 4 episodes each. 6 episodes were released in the UK, in a series that showcased other early Disney Channel shows. Two of the educational specials were released on DVD in "Disney Safety Hits Vol. 2" - these were "Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure" and "Too Smart for Strangers." Because the show's runtime was during a time when home recording devices were uncommon, most of the 120+ episodes were lost.

The show was dubbed in French as Les Aventures de Winnie l'Ourson ("The Adventures of Winnie the Bear Cub") and aired in France as early as January 1985. The French version changed various aspects of the show, most notably the opening sequence. In the French opening, Rabbit is shown as a drawing rather than a stuffed animal. This happens to Piglet in later episodes as well. It had two different narrators/hosts during its run: Vincent Perrot and Jean Rochefort, whereas the English version only had one, Laurie Main.


Including the holiday specials, there are 120 original episodes of Welcome to Pooh Corner.

# Episode Title English Status French Status
1 Snow Falls on Pooh Corner Found Found
2 Safety First Found Lost
3 Eeyore Talks to Himself Found Lost
4 Piglet Pride Found Lost
5 Roo's Great Adventure Found Partially Found
6 Practice Makes Perfect Found Lost
7 The Old Swimming Hole Found Lost
8 Hello, Hello There Found Found
9 Pooh Makes a Trade Found Lost
10 Pooh Learns to Remember Found Lost
11 My Echo and I Found Lost
12 A Bicycle Built for Five Found Partially Found
13 Wishing Found Lost
14 Piglet Lends a Helping Hand Found Lost
15 Holiday for Pooh Bear Found Lost
16 Don't Quit Found Lost
17 Pooh Builds a Bee House Found Lost
18 Rabbit Learns to Share Found Lost
19 The Great Outdoors Found Lost
20 Surprise, Surprise Found Lost
21 Brighten Your Corner Found Lost
22 The Pooh Scouts Found Lost
23 Doing What I Do Best Found Lost
24 You Need a Friend Found Lost
25 There's No Place like Owl's Place Lost Lost
26 Big Little Piglet Found Lost
27 Eeyore Solves a Problem Lost Lost
28 Pooh Finds a Pot of Gold Lost Lost
29 A Brand New Sign Found Lost
30 Piglet Learns to Swing Found Lost
31 Eeyore's Gift Found Found
32 Rabbit's Treasure Hunt Found Lost
33 Eeyore's Island Found Lost
34 Many Things--Lost and Found Lost Lost
35 Poo Shows Tigger a Bright Side Lost Lost
36 Piglet Finds Out Who His Friends Are Lost Lost
37 Tigger Tells a Whale of a Tale Found Lost
38 Pooh Gets a Turn Lost Found
39 Eeyore's Tea Party Lost Lost
40 Christmas at Pooh Corner Found Found
41 Carrots, Carrots, and More Carrots Found Found
42 Pooh and His Friends Switch Places Found Lost
43 There's a Party Going Round Lost Lost
44 A Pooh Corner Carnival Lost Lost
45 Rabbit and Eeyore Do a Good Deed Lost Lost
46 Sleepytime Tigger Partially Found Found
47 A Fine-Feathered Friend Found Lost
48 Happy Birthday, Roo Found Lost
49 Home Is Better Found Lost
50 Pooh Corner on Parade Found Lost
51 A Swing for Eeyore Found Lost
52 Pooh's Funny Valentine Day Lost Lost
53 To Be a Friend Lost Lost
54 Do It Now Partially Found Found (1 | 2)
55 The Pooh Corner Singing Society Found Found
56 Hi, Neighbor Found Found
57 It Must Be Fall Lost Lost
58 It Must Be Spring Lost Lost
59 When I Was Younger Lost Lost
60 Dress up Day Lost Lost
61 Feelings Found Lost
62 The Pooh Scouts Campout Lost Lost
63 Day for Knights Found Lost
64 It Must Be Summer Found Lost
65 A Very Beautiful Day Lost Lost
66 Poor Eeyore Found Lost
67 The Stay at Home Adventure Found Lost
68 Strawberry Time Found Lost
69 The Mystery of the Missing Tail Found Lost
70 Heat Wave Lost Lost
71 The Fastest Rabbit in the Wood Found Found
72 The Almost Perfect Picnic Found Lost
73 All Fall Down Lost Lost
74 Treasured Island Found Lost
75 The Great Kite Race Lost Lost
76 Song of Eeyore Found Lost
77 The Pooh Corner School Found Lost
78 Because It's Halloween Found Lost
79 Pooh Forgets to Remember Lost Lost
80 Pooh Goes Boom Found Lost
81 Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti Found Lost
82 Pooh Cleans Up Lost Lost
83 Pooh and His Friends Take Pot Luck Lost Lost
84 Be of Good Cheer Lost Lost
85 Look Around, Look Around Lost Lost
86 Little Things Found Lost
87 Now You See It Lost Lost
88 The Long, Long Walk Found Lost
89 Owl Has a Party for His "Auntie Versry" Lost Lost
90 The Fastest Does Not Win the Race Found Lost
91 A House Is Blown Down Lost Lost
92 Piglet Cares for a Carrot Found Lost
93 A Mysterious Noise Keeps Piglet Awake Lost Lost
94 Roo Gets Lost Found Found
95 Rabbit Wins One for the Tigger Found Lost
96 Eeyore's Costume Party Found Lost
97 Kanga and Roo Learn Where Home Is Lost Lost
98 Pooh Borrows Trouble Found Lost
99 The Man in the Moon Is a Tigger Lost Lost
100 Clouds Found Found
101 Eeyore Joins the Band Found Lost
102 Christmas Is for Sharing Lost Lost
103 In Which Pooh & His Friends Play Follow the Leader Found Lost
104 Butterfingers Tigger Found Lost
105 Piglet Sees Spots Lost Lost
106 The Rules of the Game Lost Lost
107 Tigger Takes a Fall Found Found
108 Piglet's Slumber Party Found Found
109 Tigger Finds a Hobby Found Lost
110 Eeyore Goes Exploring Lost Lost
111 Tigger's Day Off Found Lost
112 Let's Pretend Lost Found
113 The Iceboat Cometh Found Lost
114 Piglet's Secret Place Is Safe Lost Lost
115 A Tale of a Tail Found (1 | 2) Lost
116 A Pooh Corner Thanksgiving Lost Lost
117 Singing Helps the Work Along Lost Lost
118 A House of a Different Color Lost Found
119 Piglet Sings Out Found Lost
120 Handyman, Tigger Found Found

Educational Specials

Four educational episodes were also made, two of which aired in 1989, five years after the show's original run. All English versions of these episodes have been found, though the existence of a French dub of these episodes is currently unknown.

Episode Title English Status French Status
Too Smart for Strangers Found Existence Unconfirmed
Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure Found Existence Unconfirmed
One and Only You Found Existence Unconfirmed
Responsible Persons Found Existence Unconfirmed

A Part of Me

At the end of episodes that were shorter than 30 minutes, a character would sing a song about parts of the body. Currently, five of these segments have been found. It is thought that a sixth segment about Rabbit singing about his hands exists, although it is currently unconfirmed.

Song Name Singer Status
Eyes Owl Found
Ears Pooh Found
Feet Piglet Found
Nose Tigger Found
Mouth Eeyore Found
Hands Rabbit Existence Unconfirmed



The English intro of the show.

The French intro of the show.


Defunctland's video on the subject.

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