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The block's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

D|XP was a block that aired on Disney XD from 9 pm to 3 am every night during the summer of 2017. The block contained content produced by Disney Digital Network (under the Polaris banner) and Digomind Productions, along with shows produced by other companies like Vice, Attack Media, and IGN. Video game tournaments, including the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Street Fighter V EVO tournaments, were also broadcast on the block.

D|XP began on July 15th, 2017, and ended sometime in November 2017, although some of their bumpers are still used today for gaming-related programs that air on the channel. Various episodes of certain shows that aired during the block are missing.


D|XP and its programs were initially announced on July 14th, 2017. The press articles sent to various websites, including Laughing Place and Mashable, and included short descriptions of their shows and announced that the block would be for general audiences (with a focus on viewers 13 and older).[1] July 15th, 2017, marked the first day of the block, including the first episodes each of Polaris Primetime and Parker Plays, along with a special broadcast of the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph.

On July 16th, D|XP broadcasted the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Street Fighter V EVO tournaments (the latter of which also aired on ESPN2) live. D|XP's final live broadcast was the 2017 Nintendo World Championships in October. In November, the block temporarily ended. However, Disney XD still airs reruns of Parker Plays and Polaris: Player Select, and they also aired a series of Madden NFL 18 tournaments in conjunction with ESPN in early 2018.

The return of D|XP was announced on June 7th, 2018, with the announcement that they would be teaming up with IGN to air live coverage of E3 2018. Parker Plays and Polaris: Player Select were also renewed for the second season. It is currently unknown whether or not shows from the past year will receive reruns.


During the time D|XP was still on the air, their shows were made available on demand. However, these airings quickly disappeared and haven't been available for months. A few episodes of certain D|XP shows are available on their official YouTube channel, but not all of them (with the exception of The IGN Show, which has its entire series available online with a few edits). Parker Plays and Polaris: Player Select still air on Disney XD regularly and were renewed for a second season in May 2018.

Captain B. Z. and video, two members of the Lost Media Wiki community, recorded many of the shows that D|XP aired over the summer. Captain B. Z. has also begun uploading full D|XP recordings to his Internet Archive page. On March 12th, 2020, LMW Discord member Moxley found a low-quality recording of a missing ESL Speedrunners episode on Mario Kart 64. And, on December 18th, 2023, user Windows2000 found full recordings of Play With Caution, Waypoint Presents, and ESL Speedrunners, and found a partially lost episode of Parker Plays. This only leaves seasons two and three of Polaris: Player Select missing from the whole DXP block.

ESL Speedrunners

# Episode Title Status
01 Mario Kart 64 Found
02 Super Mario Bros. Found
03 Donkey Kong Country 2 Found
04 Super Mario 64 Found
05 Super Metroid Found
06 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Found
07 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Found
08 SGDQ - The Vast World of Speedrunning Found

Polaris Primetime

# Episode Title Status
01 Your Best Goat Found
02 It's Virtual Reality Found
03 Blind Daters Found
04 Our Guitar Heroes Found
05 Steep Challenge Found
06 A Primetime Dunk Contest Found
07 Mario Kart Rematch Found

Polaris: Player Select

# Season Status
01 Season 1 (2017) Found
02 Season 2 (2019) Partially Found
03 Season 3 (2020) Partially Found

Parker Plays (Season 1)

# Episode Title Status
01 Pilot Found
02 Trashman! Found
03 Worst Detective Ever! Found
04 Raising Cows, But In Space! Found
05 My Experience At Jimmy Kimmel! Found
06 Snowboard Tips With Jame! Found
07 Unicycles & Penguins! Found
08 Wick! Found
09 How To Be A Giant Cop! Found
10 Taking Over! Found
11 Wrecking The Party! Found
12 Salty Lightning! Found
13 Pizza Delivery Gone Wrong! Found
14 (Trying) To Escape From Prison Again! Found
15 Jazzpunk!! Found
16 Escaping The Show! Found

Parker Plays (Season 2)

# Episode Title Status
01 The Return Of Parker Found
02 And I'm Shelby... Found
03 Parker's Gotta Go Found
04 S'nailed It Found
05 Slime and Pirates! Found
06 Jimmy Steals The Show Found

Play With Caution

# Episode Title Status
01 Super Competitors Found
02 Three Best Friends Found
03 Questionable Hand-Eye Coordination Versus the Over-Confident Found
04 An Intense and Close Match Found

Waypoint Presents

# Episode Title Status
01 Pixel By Pixel Found
02 Rivals Found
03 Halfcoordinated Found
04 A World Of Magic Found
05 Larping Saved My Life Found
06 EVO Found
07 The Power Of Cosplay Found
08 The Past and Future of Gaming Found


Rebeltaxi's video on DXP.

Rebeltaxi's video on DXP's E3 coverage.

Teaser of the show.

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