Mousercise (partially found Disney Channel exercise series; 1983-1996)

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Status: Partially Found

Mousercise is a children's workout program that aired on The Disney Channel. Based on the 1982 exercise album of the same name, the show was hosted by Kellyn Plasschaert, and encouraged viewers at home to take part in aerobic exercise, referred to as "Mousercise". Each 30-minute episode featured choreographer Kellyn guiding a group of kids in an extended aerobic workout, usually accompanied by costumed Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The program would begin with 2 minutes of stretching activities, leading into a sequence of more involved exercises themed around unique actions, such as pretending to be an elephant and pulling weeds out of the ground. This segment would last the duration of a featured song, usually either a hit song of the time or a selection from the Mousercise album. Other exercise segments included a story routine, which would consist of various themed exercises performed on a floor mat, and a cool down routine at the end of the episode consisting of simple and laid-back stretches. Between the workout scenes were recurring informational segments presented by Steve Stark which tied into an overarching theme related to safety and well-being. These included a rough animated sequence titled "Did You Know?" which would teach viewers a distinct fact about health or safety, and a live-action skit towards the end of the episode featuring one or more Mickey Mouse characters. Throughout each episode, Kellyn would frequently remind viewers to breathe properly, and to take a break if they started feeling pain or discomfort.

Episodes and Availability

Mousercise was one of the debut shows featured on The Disney Channel, premiering on April 18, 1983 alongside the launch of the channel. Episodes were mostly produced in the mid 1980s, but reruns continued on the network until 1996, when The Disney Channel switched from premium to basic cable. Though a total of 60 episodes were produced according to D23's "Disney A to Z" page on the show,[1] only a handful are currently available online, as no streaming or home media releases have been made other than a unique 50-minute program released on VHS and Laserdisc, which didn't feature any footage from the TV show. As a result, most episodes are lost, with the only viewable ones taken from TV recordings that have been uploaded to sites such as YouTube and Episodes 19, 21, and 29 are currently available by name and in full online.


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