The Jersey (partially lost Disney Channel sports-themed comedy series; 1999-2004)

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Status: Partially Lost

The Jersey was Disney Channel sports-themed comedy show that aired 64 episodes between January 1999 and March 2004.[1][2] The show featured a group of teenagers who came into possession of the titular jersey, a magical piece of clothing that would place the kids into the bodies of real-life sports icons such as professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. The transformations would often be shown in "Quantum Leap Style" with some shots featuring the teenage actors as the sports star and other shots featuring the athlete as a guest star.

The show never received a home video release and is not available on Disney's streaming platform Disney+ despite other Disney Channel shows of the time such as So Weird being regularly available. It is not known why the series has not been made more widely available. It can be speculated that the show's extensive use of real-life sports teams may have created difficult licensing agreements with the athletic organizations involved complicating any future releases.


A YouTube playlist for the found episodes can be found here.
Of all 64 episodes aired, only 29 episodes have been fully found and are available prior to 2023 with all credits to YouTube user gleeful321 for uploading 19 full episodes across multiple seasons of the series, and YouTube user DarkManX16 for uploading 9 more episodes across seasons of this series, with promos and bumpers included.

Another YouTube user, DisneyAndStuff101, uploaded his airing of the episode, "Three Boys And A Nephew", to YouTube, making 30 episodes found.

The episode, "Origins: Part 1", has clips from the episode, "Origins: Part 2", which is shown from the first minutes of its episode, marking it partially found.

On October 29th, 2023, YouTube user DarkManX16 uploaded 6 more previously missing episodes from the series.

The pilot and the very first episode of the series, "The Magic Jersey", uploaded by gleeful321, had a missing scene in the beginning as it transitions to the scenes with the kids roller-skating, marking it partially lost until November 30th, 2023 when Vexer6 uploaded a full version with the complete beginning from a user from the Sitcoms Online forums uploaded it online, making 36 out of 64 episodes found.

Season 1

The first season started airing on January 30th, 1999, and aired its final episode a year after on June 24th, 2000, spanning 19 episodes in total, leaving 5 episodes missing.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Magic Jersey Jan 30th, 1999 Found
2 In Training Sep 24th, 1999 Found
3 Be True To You Oct 1st, 1999 Found
4 Heroes Oct 8th, 1999 Lost
5 Ouch Oct 15th, 1999 Lost
6 Team Player Oct 22nd, 1999 Found
7 Get Back On The Horse Nov 5th, 1999 Lost
8 Fathers And Sons Dec 10th, 1999 Lost
9 Beauty And The Beast Jan 7th, 2000 Found
10 Nick's A Chick Jan 14th, 2000 Found
11 Election Jan 21st, 2000 Found
12 The Prize Jan 28th, 2000 Found
13 Speeding Bullet Feb 11th, 2000 Found
14 The Girlfriend Mar 25th, 2000 Found
15 Elliot And Goliath Apr 15th, 2000 Found
16 Take Me Out To The Ball Game Apr 29th, 2000 Found
17 Mother's Day May 13th, 2000 Lost
18 Batgirl Jun 3rd, 2000 Found
19 Legacy Jun 24th, 2000 Found

Season 2

The second season aired 3 months after the last episode of the first series aired, on the 2nd of September in 2000, having 21 total span of episodes lasting up until October 25th, 2001, when the last episode of this season aired. This leaves 9 episodes missing for this season.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
20 Stealing The Stoplight Sep 2nd, 2000 Found
21 Sophomore Year Sep 9th, 2000 Found
22 Unemployed Sep 16th, 2000 Found
23 Breaking The Rules Sep 23rd, 2000 Found
24 Trust Me Sep 30th, 2000 Found
25 Halloween Oct 14th, 2000 Found
26 They Say It's Your Birthday Oct 21st, 2000 Found
27 Bowling For Jets Nov 3rd, 2000 Lost
28 Thanksgiving Day Nov 11th, 2000 Lost
29 It's My Party Nov 25th, 2000 Found
30 Star Tutor Dec 15th, 2000 Lost
31 A Curfew Too Many Dec 22nd, 2000 Lost
32 Fake Me Out Jan 5th, 2001 Lost
33 Truth And Consequences Jan 12th, 2001 Found
34 Jersey Of Dreams Feb 8th, 2001 Found
35 The Sadie Incident Mar 1st, 2001 Lost
36 Three Boys And A Nephew Mar 8th, 2001 Found
37 Surfing Jul 5th, 2001 Lost
38 Speaking Of Coleman Oct 11th, 2001 Found
39 This Rocks Oct 18th, 2001 Lost
40 Pop Quiz Oct 25th, 2001 Lost

Season 3

The third and final season aired a year after the second season ended, on October 5th, 2002, and aired its final episode on March 23rd, 2004, with a total of 24 episodes, leaving 13 episodes missing with one partially found episode.

# Episode Title Air Date Status Notes
41 Bringing The Heat Oct 5th, 2002 Found No notes.
42 It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Jersey Oct 6th, 2002 Lost
43 Out On A Limb Oct 12th, 2002 Found
44 Willa Jumps Oct 19th, 2002 Lost
45 Halloween 2: The Legend Of Henry Oct 27th, 2002 Lost
46 Coleman's Big Date Nov 2nd, 2002 Found
47 NFL Virus Nov 9th, 2002 Found
48 Playbook Nov 16th, 2002 Lost
49 Cheers, Jeers and Tears Nov 23rd, 2002 Found
50 Alley Of Dreams Nov 30th, 2002 Found
51 Dueling Coaches Dec 7th, 2002 Lost
52 Tomorrowland Dec 14th, 2002 Found
53 Jersey Switch Dec 21st, 2002 Found
54 The Doghouse Dec 28th, 2002 Found
55 Riding The Bench Jan 26th, 2003 Lost
56 Fantasy Football Jan 26th, 2003 Lost
57 Origins: Part 1 Apr 26th, 2003 Partially Found Clips from the episode can be found on the first minutes of "Origins: Part 2". (0:00 - 1:25)
58 Origins: Part 2 May 17th, 2003 Found No notes.
59 Basketball Diaries May 31st, 2003 Lost
60 Owning Up Oct 11th, 2003 Lost
61 The New Kid In Town Nov 1st, 2003 Lost
62 Player Faker Nov 8th, 2003 Lost
63 Polar Express Nov 24th, 2003 Lost
64 What's Gotten Into Elliot Rifkin? Mar 23rd, 2004 Lost

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