Pepper Ann "Quickies" (partially found UPN bumpers based off Disney animated TV series; late 1990s)

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Screenshot from "Pepper Ann's Mailbag".

Status: Partially Found

Possibly during the late 1990s, channel UPN would air bumpers known as "Quickies" (might not be actual name) which were based off the Disney animated series Pepper Ann, which previously had some episodes missing.

Each bumper had different variations, starting out the same, but with a different scenario at the end. The length of each bumper was around fifteen to sixteen seconds long.

There exist other bumpers and their different variations, but unfortunately, only a small amount of these bumpers have resurfaced onto the internet. Also, some of the bumpers that have resurfaced cut off before the final second, as they were recorded with VHS tapes


"Clean Up Your Room" 1

"Clean Up Your Room" 2

"Laundry Day."

"Reality and Hyper Reality"

"Pepper Ann's Mailbag"

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