Minnie Takes Care of Pluto (found Mickey Mouse Works animated short; 2000)

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Status: Found

Date found: 09 Oct 2013

Found by: bumbumdbear

First shown in its original English dub in January 22nd, 2000 and rarely aired since was a short from Mickey Mouse Works titled "Minnie Takes Care of Pluto" (originally shown as part of the 16th episode of the series, which served as the third episode of season 2); the short caused controversy due to its themes and was barred from re-airing in the U.S. shortly following its debut. It was one of two segments from Mickey Mouse Works to not be put into an episode of House of Mouse, with the other being the Pluto Gets The Paper episode “Vending Machine”.


The short sees Pluto being abruptly left at Minnie's house for the day, and after Minnie goes on a short rant to him, he starts believing that she is out to kill him. Throughout the short, Pluto is both spurred on and consoled by his inner devil (who tries to convince Pluto that Minnie is going to kill him) and angel (who believes Minnie will not harm Pluto) respectively, leading Pluto to go from refusing to eat food he believes is poisoned to outright trying (and failing quite miserably) to kill Minnie before she does him, which results in Pluto being knocked out and taking an imaginary journey to hell and back.

After Pluto wakes up from his imaginary journey to hell by Mickey and Minnie, the short ends with Pluto rejecting his inner demon by pushing him away into a book and his angel giving him a halo on top of his head.


The short garnered a significant amount of complaints due to the nature of the short and, as such, was pulled from being aired in the U.S. indefinitely, though it continued airing infrequently in a number of other countries, sometimes in its original dub.


In the decade following, several foreign rips of the short began appearing online, though the English audio remained totally unaccounted for until October 9th, 2013, when YouTube user Iman Yahya (bumbumdbear) uploaded a low-quality rip of the original English dub, cited as being sourced from Disney Channel Asia circa 2010.

Since that upload, multiple users combined the English audio with the Polish rip's higher quality video and, ultimately, a version of the short with high-quality English audio was uploaded to YouTube by PSHQ on December 10th, 2016.


"Minnie Takes Care of Pluto" with English audio.

Stay Up Late Productions' video on the subject.

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