Hotel Hooker/Filmed Female (lost pornographic movies featuring Kelsey Grammer; date unknown)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its pornographic subject material and its implication of a sex crime (involuntary pornography).


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in the TV show Frasier.

Status: Lost

Around mid-2003, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page for Kelsey Grammer (best known for his portrayal of Frasier Crane on the American shows Cheers and Frasier) showed credits for two adult movies, Hotel Hooker and Filmed Female, both of which displayed release dates of "????" (a contemporary IMDb placeholder for unknown dates).[1]

While the films no longer appear anywhere on IMDb -- including on Grammer's actor profile or in search results with adult content allowed -- Filmed Female (but not Hotel Hooker) appears in the two earliest available archived versions of Grammer's IMDb page, dated 2003. [2]

Sex Tapes

It is possible that one or both of the films is a leaked sex tape. Indeed, in 1998 Grammer sued pornographic distributor Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) for distributing such a tape of him without authorization. Moreover, a 1999 article from People Magazine implies that Grammer may have been the director of an "X-rated home video": a video co-starring a woman anonymized as "Filmed Female."[3]

Loss/Uncertain Existence

Whether either of these two movies ever existed as named is unknown, but highly doubtful. Grammer likely never had an openly-secret pornographic career: any period when pornographic home videos would have been widely available (the early 1980s onwards) would have intersected with his television career, in an era in which pornography was considered seedy and shameful to a much greater extent than it is today.

More likely, an IMDb user-created placeholder articles for the sex tapes and titled them with references to (rumored) participants. Granting this hypothesis, however, it is still unclear why "Hotel Hooker" was chosen as a title.

In any case, no sex tapes of Grammer are known to exist today -- searches both of Google and various pornographic sites come up empty. This fact, however, should come as no surprise: IEG claimed to have seen two separate tapes, one of which it denied possession of and the other of which it promised not to release.[4]

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