Icons (partially found Channel 4 TV series; 2000)

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Title screen of Icons.

Status: Partially Found

Icons was a fifteen-minute television series that aired on the Channel 4 network.


Icons featured the beauty and appeal of old Hollywood actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, and Rita Hayworth. The show started with an introduction that features pictures of 1920's-1960's actresses panning in and out of frame, including Louise Brooks, Jane Russell, Lauren Bacall, and Brigitte Bardot, before going into depth with a specific woman.


There are four episodes of Icons that are currently available on YouTube. It is unknown how many episodes of the show were made, but there is a possible fifth episode of the show on Elizabeth Taylor. However, it is unknown if the episode was ever made.


Icons episode on Marilyn Monroe.
Icons episode on Bette Davis.
Icons episode on Greta Garbo.
Icons episode on Rita Hayworth.