Inuk (partially found Canadian children's TV series; 2001)

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An image from the series.

Status: Partially Lost/Found

Inuk was a 2001 Canadian children's show about a seven-year-old Inuit boy named Inuk who lived in the Arctic with his family and wore a magic amulet that allowed him to talk with animals. The French dub was broadcasted on Télé-Québec. Episodes were released on DVD in both French and English. As of 2017, a rerun has been broadcasted on NITV.



Inuk - Music Video
The Little Shaman - Part 1 (external recording)
The Little Shaman - Part 2 (external recording)
Inuk: Treasure from the Sea DVD Menus (2006)
Trapped - Part 1 (external recording)
Trapped - Part 2 (external recording)
French intro