Jokebook (partially found Hanna-Barbera animated series; 1982)

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Jokebook 241x208.jpg

Jokebook's Title card.

Status: Lost

Jokebook was an adult-oriented Hanna-Barbera animated series for NBC. It ran from April 23, 1982 to May 7, 1982, only airing 3 out of 7 episodes.

Each episode featured 20-25 individual animated segments. These were selected from foreign films, student films, cartoon shorts, and original concepts. Each short ranged from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.

Some shorts included are Oscar winners "Crunch Bird" and "The Fly".

The show has not been known to re-air after its first showing on TV. eBay listings of stills, storyboards and other pre-production artwork are still being circulated. The only thing around is it's opening scene.

Intro sequence

Update The first episode has been uploaded by insultingiguana onto vimeo. Stewirtisme from our fourms had gotten the video for me.

   Also the paley center for media has 2 un-named and numbered episodes in there collection. It is unknown if they ever show the episodes

First listing:

Secound listing: