Mcjuniorclub TV (partially found Dutch Nickelodeon/McDonald's live-action show; 2008)

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Logo for mcjuniorclubTV.

Status: Partially Found

McJuniorBob (A.K.A mcjuniorclubTV or BOB ), is a short Dutch live-action series created by Nickelodeon and McDonald's that aired around 2008 in the Netherlands. It was made to promote "". a website made for children. McDonald's and Nickelodeon created a show about a bald man called Bob, And each episode is around 3 minutes or longer. Not much is known about this show as all episodes are currently lost and not many people seem to remember it. The only things confirming it's existence is a few screenshots, a forum post, the intro (which was posted onto Vimeo), and a broken episode list on the dutch Nickelodeon website:[1]


Bob, The main character for the show.

List of episodes (not in chronological order) found on Nickelodeon NL's website:[2]

# Short Title (Dutch) Short Title (English) Status
1 Bob Verjaardag Feestjes Bob Birthday Parties Lost
2 Bob Player Escort (afl. 2) Bob Player Escort (episode 2) Lost
3 Bob Ronald Bob Ronald Lost
4 Bob Kung Fu Panda (afl. 4) Bob Kung Fu Panda (episode 4) Lost
5 Bob Bedreigde Diersoorten (afl. 8) Bob Endangered Species (episode 8) Lost
6 Bob Olympics Bob Olympics Lost
7 Bob Star Wars Bob Star Wars Lost
8 Bob Sinterklaas Bob Saint Nicholas Lost
9 Bob Kerst (afl.10) Bob Christmas (episode 10) Lost
10 Bij de opnames van de Bob filmpjes Behind the scenes of the Bob episodes Lost


The intro to McJuniorBob.

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