Miss Peach World (found bootleg Famicom game; 1991)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


Game's title screen.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 Aug 2017

Found by: famiac

Miss Peach World is an unlicensed NES/Famicom game released sometime in 1991. It is a graphical hack of another unlicensed NES game, Menace Beach (also known as Sunday Funday). The game was released by Hacker International. Its cover art notably portrays Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros franchise wearing a Mario cap.

Little of the gameplay is changed from Menace Beach. Instead of a boy, the character is a woman in a skirt. There are some minor enemy changes as well. Instead of cutscenes of a girl tied up (or a church lady, as it was in Sunday Funday) the player is presented with the pictures of nude woman/women. The final boss is changed from Demon Dan to a doctor shooting a syringe. The music is also changed, lifted from the game Av Dragon Mahjong.

Very little is known about the game’s background. Supposedly, it was originally in development as Mr. Assy but later changed to the current title. There are several Japanese gameplay videos, including one from the popular Nico show Siteqube. The game is extremely rare, with one shop in Japan supposedly selling a copy for over $200 and also occasionally showing up on eBay.

Despite how infamous the game is and several YouTubers having made videos of the game, it was yet to be released online for the public until August 26th, 2017, when the Lost Levels user famiac posted the ROM online.[1] Reproductions of the game have been known to exist, but they’re also very limited.


Siteqube video on the game.