Prank Patrol (partially lost Canadian children's series; 2005-2010)

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Prank Patrol Intro (Canada) 0-19 screenshot.png

The show's logo from season 1.

Status: Partially Lost

Prank Patrol was a Canadian children's series that was created by Apartment 11 Productions and Marvista Entertainment and aired on YTV from September 6, 2005[1][2] to February 26, 2010 for 100 episodes. The show revolves around host André "Andy" Simoneau and a team of ninjas helping kids pull pranks on an unsuspecting victim (usually a family member or friend). The show became a moderate success for YTV and two international versions of the show were also made in the United Kingdom and Australia and both became successful in their own right[3][4]. The show has been compared to Punk'd, another prank show that was airing at the time.


Each episode sees Andy and the Ninjas help kids pull off pranks on an unsuspecting victim (which is usually a family member or friend), with the prank in question usually being a success. Also each episode includes an animated segment called "Recipe For A Prank" which shows a boy and girl pulling pranks on each other. The ninjas also pull pranks on the public and Andy in some episodes.


Season 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Superhero Found
2 Punk Makeover Found
3 Rigged Resto Found
4 Haunted House Found
5 Video Game Comes Alive Found
6 Dino Egg Found
7 Karate Kid Found
8 Lake Monster Found
9 ESP/Telekinesis Found
10 Bigfoot Found
11 Rap Star Found
12 Robots Found
13 Aliens Exist Found
14 Giant Spider Found
15 The Magic Car Found
16 Bowling Madness Found
17 The Dinner Party Found
18 Heavy Metal Makeover Found
19 The Auction Found
20 Double Date Found
21 Dr. Frankenstein Found
22 Grandpa Andy Found
23 The Teleporter Found
24 Housecleaners Found
25 The Mummy Found
26 The Best Of Prank Patrol Found

Season 2

# Episode Title Status
1 Bad News Bakery Found
2 Genius Gorilla Found
3 The Wrestler Found
4 The Treasure Hunt Found
5 Aliens Have Landed Found
6 Iceman Cometh Found
7 Magic Shop Found
8 Movie Madness Found
9 Bingo! Found
10 Dream Machine Found
11 Ghost Hunters Found
12 Lost Dog Found
13 The Office Boss Found
14 Zombie Attack Found
15 Bad Boyfriend Found
16 Babysitter Blues Found
17 Spy Kid Found
18 Game Show Found
19 Killer Bees Found
20 Giant Rat Found
21 Commercial Shoot Found
22 Werewolf Found
23 Invisible Boys Found
24 Fortune Teller Found
25 Super Dad Found
26 Best Of Found

Season 3

# Episode Title Status
1 Blues Brothers Lost
2 Giant Lizard Lost
3 Medical Temp Lost
4 Principal's Office Lost
5 Car Wash Lost
6 Mind Control Lost
7 Medieval Warrior Lost
8 Giant Lost
9 Count Dracula Lost
10 Da Bears Lost
11 Lost Lost
12 Shoplifting Granny Lost
13 Space Station Lost
14 Earthquake Lost
15 Gone Fishing Lost
16 Unknown Lost
17 Unknown Lost
18 Unknown Lost
19 Ghost Lost
20 Living Dolls Lost
21 Mad Dentist Lost
22 Bogus Celebrity Lost
23 Time Machine Lost
24 Secret Admirer Lost
25 Alien Invasion Lost
26 Best Of Prank Patrol 3 Lost

Season 4

# Episode Title Status
1 The Waltzing Queen Lost
2 Bad Hair Day Lost
3 Giant Baby Lost
4 A Fashion Fiasco Lost
5 SuperHero Lost
6 Cockroach Wedding Lost
7 Motorpsycho Lost
8 The Donkey Con Lost
9 Blades of Sorrow Lost
10 Anime Scam Lost
11 Breaking News Lost
12 Creepy Cloning Lost
13 Leprechaun’s Lair Lost
14 The Exercise Chef Lost
15 Most Wanted Lost
16 Superstar Lost
17 Haunted Garden Lost
18 Looney Library Lost
19 Magic Guitar Lost
20 Icky Feet Lost
21 Boogeyman Partially Found
22 Freaky Fortunes Partially Found



The show would occasionally air on Discovery Kids Canada alongside YTV and would sometimes air in Australia on ABC3 (as the Australian version would air on ABC3). After it's final episode aired in February 2010, YTV would briefly reran the show until 2013, when the show was completely scrubbed from the channel. In 2014, the now defunct BBC Kids[9] (a Canadian version of the CBBC block from the United Kingdom) aired reruns of the first two seasons of Prank Patrol until 2017, when the channel closed down. The show never aired on television again after 2017 and episodes were very hard to come by. From November 2018 to March 2019, YouTube user DangerousVHS uploaded the first two seasons of the show to YouTube that came from the BBC Kids reruns[10]. Because BBC Kids never reran the final two seasons of the show, very little of those seasons have resurfaced. Recordings of the original YTV airings of the show are very rare to come by. Only the intro from the third season and two clips from two season four episodes can be found online. The rest of the show remains lost to this day.