Seven Little Monsters (partially lost episodes of animated series; 2000-2004)

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Still from the series.

Status: Partially Found

Seven Little Monsters is a popular educational children's animated series created by Maurice Sendak. The show features seven anthropomorphic monsters and their day to day life as they learn lessons while exploring the world around them.[1][2]

YouTube user Misoke[3] has uploaded several episodes from the show's three seasons, sourced from various home media releases. A couple of these episodes are available to view below. The episodes that are missing from Misoke's uploads are primarily those that didn't see home video releases.

Reportedly, the missing Seasons 1 and 2 episodes have surfaced on a private forum, although they have yet to make their way out publicly. A few missing episodes from Season 3 haven't resurfaced anywhere online. The only known footage of the missing episodes from seasons 2-3 are available from Nelvana outreach footage.[4]


Episode: Out of Sight (uploaded by Misoke)


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