The Angry Beavers "Cuffed Together" (non-existent pilot episode of Nickelodeon animated series; early-mid 1990s)

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The Angry Beavers.

"Cuffed Together" is a hoaxed pilot of the Nickelodeon series The Angry Beavers. Several sources had claimed the pilot had rarely been aired worldwide, and apparently never even having been aired at all in the United States.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The first official pilot episode was titled "Snowbound", and was created in 1994. Upon being uploaded to YouTube in 2013, there was rumor of a possible second pilot episode having been produced; this pilot was known as "Cuffed Together". Just as Snowbound had been doubted to exist until it was found, people assumed, and ran with, this Cuffed Together rumor and believed it too had been produced and existed but was just currently lost.

Plot[edit | edit source]

"Cuffed Together" was rumored to involve Norbert and Daggett being arrested after Daggett destroys an expensive wooden statue. Eventually, the beavers manage to escape whilst handcuffed together.

Debunking[edit | edit source]

At the most basic level, there is a user-submitted fan fiction from the Toonzone forums dating back to June 26, 2001 titled "Cuffed Together", and a lot of the story's plot matches up with that of what the "pilot" was supposed to be.

Upon looking further into this user, they are touted as being a huge Angry Beavers fan, and actually makes mention of Snowbound existing. Until 2013, people had no idea if Snowbound was real or not, yet back in 2001, this user knew of its existence and claimed to have screenshots from the episode. Based on this knowledge, it is highly likely that they would have been aware of the Cuffed Together pilot, and the possibility of their fan fiction coincidentally matching up with an unknown pilot at the time are highly, highly unlikely.

Additionally, there is an official episode titled "The Posei-dam Adventure" which features similar elements to Cuffed Together, so it's possible the fan fiction took inspiration from that episode. It's also possible that the rumor was able to live on for so long simply because of people remembering The Posei-dam Adventure inaccurately.

False Claims[edit | edit source]

Several people from Latin America had claimed to have seen both Snowbound and Cuffed Together on the Latin equivalent of the American "Nicktoons Network", however these claims were heavily unverified and originate from fan sites which are likely inaccurate to begin with. Cuffed Together was also claimed to have been screened in some theaters before the movie titled The Best Christmas Pageant Ever., however there is absolutely no proof to this and the entire claim is likely to be completely made up.

The shows creator, Mitch Schauer has also never made mention of the possibility of the pilot existing, and Norbert's pilot voice actor, Mitchell Whitfield, has never commented on having supplied the voice for multiple pilots for the series.