The Backyardigans (partially found British dub of CGI-animated series; mid-late 2000s)

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Backyardigans 2002 Pilot Scene.jpg

Still from Backyardigans pilot.

Status: Partially Found

The Backyardigans is a Canadian-American television series that aired on Nick Jr. from 2004 to 2010.[1] Like several other Nick Jr. shows, including Oswald, Wonder Pets!, and Blue's Clues, it was allegedly dubbed for the UK market in an effort to not confuse children on pronunciation. Lizzie Waterworth (Austin and Uniqua), Janet James (Pablo), and Maria Darling (Tasha and Tyrone) are believed to be the voice actors for the protagonists of the show.

While the theme song for the dub has been uploaded to YouTube (and can be viewed below) there are no full episodes available to view online of this dub. Some have reported on its existence, but it is unknown if any episodes were officially released with the British dubbing.

According to the Backyardigans wiki[2], Paramount and/or Fremantle Media may have released several DVD volumes with the British dub. Two anonymous users on LMW have commented and confirmed that Fremantle's releases contain the British dub.


Theme song to the dub.
A song from the episode "Whodunit".