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The Goodnight Show is a tv show that plays between other shows on Sprout "Now Known as Universal Kids" That Aired between 2005-2017 with the first episode airing August 26th 2005 and ending when Sprout switched to Universal Kids, With Hosts Nina and star 2006-2017, with previous hosts Melanie and Leo 2005-2006.


Most episodes consisted of Hosts Nina and Star talking about a different topic every night like "Parents, Siblings, Gardens, Sports, School, ECT." with some Sign Language and Spanish, there are crafts, yoga stretches, a different goodnight game each episode, looking into the stars to find consultations with Lucy the Firefly, Lucy Light the way where lucy goes to a location related to the topic of the episode and nina and star guess where Lucy is, showing art other kids submitted, a segment talking to kids about the topic of the episode, and in later episodes 2012-2017 Sandy Stories, and at the end of each episode nina gets star to bed, says the hush goodnight poem and sings the goodnight song., but in some episodes there would be a special guest, especially in later episodes.


In September 2005 in a joint venture between Comcast, NBCUniversal, PBS and HIT Entertainment/Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids Sprout was launched on Comcast and later other cable/satellite providers., The original Host was Melanie until August 2006 when the network found some raunchy videos online and fired her, and for a short period of time the second host was Leo aka Noel MacNeal who came up with Lucy the firefly, the 3rd and final Host was Nina aka Michele Lepe and stayed host until 2017.


  • Nina, played by Michele Lepe, debuted as the permanent host on December 18, 2006. Lepe's fourth season premiered on November 7, 2009. and her fifth season premiered on August 27, 2012. The sixth season premiered on July 27, 2015. Michele (as Nina) guest-hosted The Sunny Side Up Show in 2014.
  • Star, a star-shaped puppet, portrayed by Stacia Newcomb, was the show's co-host. Star served as the child character of the show, asking questions about the evening's theme, commenting to Nina about the segment (such as the Good-Night Game), or encouraging viewers to follow him as he performed nighttime routines such as brushing his teeth or reading a bedtime story. Star debuted shortly before the departure of the program's original host, "Melanie." His puppet was updated on November 7, 2011 and again on August 27, 2012. He appeared as a character in the prequel Nina's World, living with Nina, even though Star accompanied Melanie and Leo prior to Nina's arrival.
  • Lucy was a firefly puppet used to introduce show segments. She was also featured in games, such as "Lucy Light the Way"; in this game, viewers were shown parts of a picture (as though they were illuminated by a firefly's light) and then guessed what the picture represented. Her puppet was updated in mid-2009. She also appears as a character in the prequel Nina's World, living with Nina, even though she was introduced alongside Leo before Nina arrived.
  • Hush was a real-life goldfish who was originally used to introduce show segments. He appeared at the end of every show, with Nina closing the show by saying good night and reciting a poem in which viewers were encouraged to "make a wish." He appears in the prequel Nina's World living with Nina as a child even though he began with Melanie.


While it is not fully known how many episodes were produced/aired, considering that just about the entire series is lost as of October 24th 2019.,

  • 1 Complete Episode "Parents"
  • 3 Mostly Complete Episodes on dvd "Birthdays, Shadows, Gift Giving"
  • 3 Partially Found Episodes "Dinosaurs, Circus, Sports"
  • other episodes with only 1-2 clips found


While it was popular when it was airing on the sprout channel, there is very little archived and it's hard to find most episodes, only one dvd has been released and there is currently not any digital release although allegedly there may have been a short period of time you may have been able to purchase some segments/episodes on google play