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Fire Emblem (partially found/lost early 4Koma manga adaptations based on tactical role-playing game franchise, 1994-2002)[edit | edit source]

FE logo 3DS.png

Cover of the first known 4Koma manga, released in 1994.

Status: Partially Found/Lost(Subjected to change)

Since its inception, the Fire Emblem franchise has received a number of manga adaptations, most of which have been 4Komas. The first series of 4Komas was released between 1994 and 1997, with the first four covering the Archanea Saga, and the last two covering the fourth game, Genealogy of the Holy War. The franchise would continue to receive manga adaptations, until 2005, when Fire Emblem: Champion's Sword ended its run. However, it started receiving manga adaptations again in 2012, with the release of a short manga adaptation of the then-newly released Fire Emblem Awakening. Meanwhile, production of the 4Koma manga came into an abrupt halt until 2015, when Fire Emblem Awakening 4Koma KINGS was released.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Though 4Koma adaptations of games released during the 2010's are well accounted for, and A Day in the Life is currently ongoing as of 2017, the early ones based on the Archanea and Judgral Sagas, as well as The Binding Blade have been long out of print, with a vast majority never being released on the internet as of yet. However, used copies of the 4Koma mangas are still being sold online via various Japanese sites. A little-known Twitter bot, focused around posting Nintendo 4Komas,

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