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Status: Feeling Good

Stuff I Found/Discovered

Title of Media What I Found or Discovered
Toy Story 4 (original script) Found the whole script.
Disney Circle 7 Animation (production material) Found an early draft of the Toy Story 3 script.
Hammerman Discovered someone that had a lost episode and got said person to upload it.
Mess O' Blues Found 15 seconds of footage as well as discovering four animation cels.
The Swell Season concert onstage suicide tape Discovered undeniable proof that the footage actually existed.

Things I'm Looking for

The Piece of Media Why I want to find it What I've dug up
Mess O' Blues I'm a huge fan of Johnny Bravo, and I really want to see what started it all. I've Found 15 seconds of mute footage from a mini-documentary that was released on the "Johnny Bravo Season 1 Hall of Fame DVD". I also discovered four high-quality animation cels scans from Mess O' Blues from a different documentary about the creator of the show.
JBVO I find the idea of the show to be really unique and I'm also a big fan of Johnny Bravo, so I want to find any episode period. I might have a lead on an episode, I'm still not sure, so fingers crossed.
Disney Circle 7 Animation Production Material I grew up with Pixar and I still love Pixar to this day and to find out my childhood could have been so much different (and probably worst) makes me wonder what could have been I managed to find a listing for a Toy Story 3 script on a website called for $15, so I bought it and made it public.
The JBVO Dragon Ball Z Episode I think the idea of this piece of Lost Media is absolutely fucking genius, so I got to try to find it. I might have a lead on a JBVO episode witch has a small chance of being the DBZ episode, fingers crossed.
Toon FM An improved updated version of a show I already find cool sign me the fuck up son I found two of my friends "Jack" and "Shit."
Viva Las Bravo It's Johnny Bravo related soo... Yeah. I found y friends "Jack" and "Shit" again this time they were sleeping in the same bed both hugging and humping there God damn crusty ass Waifu body pillows, seriously if your body pillow is so cum stained that it can stand up on its own CHANGE THE FUCKING PILOW and by the way their Waifu's are FUCKING 12! and not to mention both of them are shit tier Waifus, to begin with. Weeaboos am I right.
Hammerman This show... is... a... fucking... MASTERPIECE of fantastic proportion. I bought a VHS recording of a found episode "Nobody's Perfect" and I plan on releasing a higher-quality version soon. I made contact with the Producer and the Director of the show to see if they hade any episodes; sadly, it turns out they didn't have any.