Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart classical works (partially found works from musician; 1700s)

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A portrait of Mozart, painted posthumously by Barbara Krafft in 1819.

Status: Partially Found

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27th, 1756-December 5th, 1791) is one of the most well-known and praised composers of all time, known for writing over 600 pieces, with some of his most notable being his 16th Piano Sonata, Eine Klein Nachtmusik, and his divertimento A Musical Joke.

The Missing Works[edit | edit source]

Due to composing so many works and these works were composed hundreds of years ago, many works would be expected to have become lost over the years. Unbelievably, however, most of the lost works of Mozart are simply incomplete. The only four truly lost works go as follows:[1]

  • Variations in A (K Anh.206, K6 21a)
  • Symphony in D (K Anh.215, K6 66c)
  • Symphony in B-flat (K Anh.217, K6 66d)
  • Symphony in B-flat (K Anh.218, K6 66e)

Reference[edit | edit source]