Zazoo U (partially found Fox Kids animated series; 1990-1991)

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Zazoo U was a television series that ran on Fox Kids from September 8, 1990, to January 19, 1991. It had a total of 13 half-hour episodes. The show never got a home media release. Currently, only 2 episodes are available online, while the rest remain missing.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

1 The Nine Mile Pile Missing
2 The Crayon Box That Talked Missing
3 The Search for the Meaning of Life Found
4 Yesterday's Zoo Found
5 Is Bigger Better? Missing
6 Har V and Sue Missing
7 Bully Loses His Temper Missing
8 Share a Chair Missing
9 Ms. Devine's Blues Missing
10 No Strings Attached Missing
11 Money for Music Missing
12 One Single Seed Missing
13 Boinks's Rap Missing