A Hard Day's Day - A Day in the Life of a Beatles Tribute Band (found parody film; 2002)

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Hard Day's Day poster.jpg

Poster/DVD cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 07 Aug 2011

Found by: Quinton Flynn and DiaRiles

A Hard Day's Day was a short parody film made in 2002 that was created by David Kessler and Quinton Flynn (who also played Paul in the film). The film was, as the subtitle describes, about a day in the life of a Beatles tribute band. And, as the title itself alludes to, it was a parody of the Beatles' own A Hard Day's Night.

The idea came to Kessler sometime before 2000 after seeing a Beatles cover band in real life and wondering if they "kept up the accents off stage." He thought the idea was so funny, that he talked to a friend about making it into a film, but they agreed it wasn't "weighty" enough. In 2000, however, he came to the realization that he could make it a short film instead. After coming to that conclusion, he got some friends together after failing to get said cover band in on it and proceeded to make the film. Two years later, he put the film up on iFilm, and it was met with positive reception overall, becoming one of the highest-rated comedy shorts on the site.

Despite its positive reception and its multiple LA screenings, little to no footage of the movie had surfaced on the internet. The website that originally hosted the video is dead, and the DVD (which may not have contained the actual video itself as it was more of a "behind-the-scenes" DVD) can't be bought anymore, and is therefore incredibly rare, if there were any produced at all. However, Quinton Flynn gave a surprise screening during his panel at AFO 2011 and said panel had been put on YouTube (in low quality).


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