Actimel Approved by Grandmother (found Russian advertising sketch comedy web series; 2013-2015)

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The poster of the series.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Apr 2021

Found by: Vladger

Actimel Approved By Grandmother was an advertising mini sketch-com, created by AdWatch Isobar and Danone Russia in 2013, to promote the Actimel drink. The plot involved a vigorous village grandmother who is trying with all her might to strengthen the immunity of urban relatives during the winter cold. To do this, the pensioner uses proven folk remedies: "radish-artist," "turnip for strengthening" and other vitamin-containing vegetables, trying to replace the beloved Actimel with them.[1]


A total of 5 short episodes and a trailer were released on YouTube. In 2015, all of the episodes of the show were privated and weren’t available to watch except the trailer which was re-uploaded by user "bless myentry."

As of April 29th, 2021 all five episodes were rediscovered online. A Google Drive containing all of the episodes and trailers was made on March 21st, 2022.


The short plot is taken from the archived website, from WayBack Machine and translated using Google Translate.[2]

Episode 1: Granny has arrived!

Everything changes when a big lover of health improvement with horseradish and radish bursts into the life of an ordinary family - a granny from the village.

Episode 2: The load of knowledge

Grandma's vegetables against a small bottle. Who will win?

Episode 3: Vitamins will not wait

Who replaced Actimel?

Episode 4: Got the taste

Find out what grandma really likes to drink!

Episode 5: We shared Actimel

Find out who gets the last bottle: cat, grandma or grandson?


Trailer for the series.

Trailer for the series (Russian version).

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