All The Way Live/In The Field with EDP445 (partially found GOLF Media web-series; 2015)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its mentions of attempted sexual contact with a minor, as well as the content of the host in most media being sexually proactive.

In the field with edp 445.png

Screenshot of the GOLF Media app allowing a user to watch the first episode.

Status: Partially Found

All The Way Live with EDP445 and In the Field with EDP445 were web series starring Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, better known as EDP445 (EatDatPussy445), produced exclusively for the GOLF Media app in 2015. All The Way Live with EDP445 was a parody of sports analysis programs focusing on the Philadelphia Eagles, while In the Field with EDP445 would follow EDP445 going to various locations, comedically interacting with the locals in the area. The only surviving content of both shows exist in the form of a screenshot, a reuploaded segment (presumably by EDP445) from the show In the Field with EDP445 documenting EDP445 at a Dallas Cowboys training camp[1], and a tweet advertising the shows availability by the app's creator Tyler, The Creator.[2]


EDP445 was a popular American YouTuber. Known for his loud, abrasive, and sexually explicit rants, he amassed a following of over 2 million subscribers before his account termination. [3] EDP445 would often make videos in his bedroom about sports, relationships, his struggles losing weight, and general rants on things that unnerved him during day-to-day life. EDP445 would be featured on multiple media outlets prior to GOLF Media, such as the Comedy Central series Tosh.0, and ESPN's SportsNation.[3] It isn't definite how exactly EDP445 met Tyler, The Creator, but from images with the two it can be assumed they were on friendly terms at one point.[4]

On May 7th, 2015, Tyler, The Creator would publish a tweet exclaiming that All The Way Live with EDP445 was now available on the app.[2] This tweet would be the only remaining acknowledgement of the show, as the app would shut down later in 2018.

Throughout 2020, EDP445 would be accused multiple times of sending explicit photos to different underage girls ranging from 15 to 17. He'd also allegedly threaten them, warning them not to share the messages online for fear of physical retaliation. This would all culminate in April of 2021 when EDP445 would get caught in an undercover exposé by a group called Predator Poachers, and a YouTuber called CC Unit. In it, he would be exposed for attempting to meet with a 13-year-old girl he had sent nude photos, and spoke sexually, too.[5] The backlash from the exposé would cause YouTube to terminate his channel, thus deleting any additional content from the GOLF Media programs he may have posted.


To date, aside from the Dallas Cowboys segment, no other footage from either show has been released. It is unknown how popular the show was among GOLF Media users, and whether anyone else had archived any of the episodes in full. Given the closure of the platform[6], as well as the controversy surrounding EDP445, it's doubtful the episodes will be uploaded by anyone directly involved with the project. With that in mind, the hope is that an archive of all the episodes, or GOLF Media content, exists, so that the episodes may be recovered.


The Dallas Cowboys segment.