Anna Liza (partially found Filipino drama TV series; 1980-1985)

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Title card of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Anna Liza was a Filipino drama series broadcast by GMA Network created by Ray Benedicto and Raynee Selgado, directed by Gil C. Soriano, produced by Happy Vision Corporation & Television International Corporation.[1] It premiered on February 4, 1980, and was regarded as the network's first primetime series. Due to the sudden death of Julie Vega (the main character that played Anna Liza in the series), the series ended on May 10, 1985, with an incomplete storyline. It was replaced by Mirasol del Cielo. The series was remade by ABS-CBN on 2013.

Despite its popularity beating RPN's Flordeluna in the 1980s becoming the most popular and well-loved drama in the Philippines, no full episodes of the show have resurfaced.


Originally a Cebuano radio drama series from the mid-to-late 70s, it was adapted into a television series.

Annaliza is a young girl that has been stolen from her rich parents, Lazaro and Isabel. Stella, Lazaro's ex-lover had the baby stolen with the help of Makoy. He then leaves the child with Guido, a fish port worker. Annaliza struggles with problems and challenges in her young life but continues to be civil and caring towards others even when she himself is in pain. She continues to be humiliated by her stepmother Stella and her stepsisters.

According to some eyewitnesses, the character of Anna Liza was also killed in the series after Julie Vega's death in May 1985. Anna Liza was said to be shown as bedridden in the soap opera. It is unknown when did the series stopped making new episodes, but episodes were reaired until 1986 when it was replaced by Mirasol del Cielo, also directed by Gil Soriano.


No full episodes resurfaced on the web due to lack of home recording activities in Philippines. However, a scene of an episode from 1985 was found by Jojo Bailon, who said he has 4 hours' worth of episodes, yet to be uploaded. [2] Several clips of the show were said to be uploaded by VSPRODUCTIONS and other people like noelninomatias[3] in the early 2010s, but was soon terminated. On July 2020, JulieVegaForever ARCHIVES (now DENNYSON SY) uploaded some scenes from full episodes.[4] [5] [6] [7] Some bits of Anna Liza was found through a old MMK episode, posted on May 2021. [8]

DENNYSON SY channel soon got deleted but the videos was retrieved by Philippine Television Archives.[9] They were soon uploaded to



[20200719] ANNALIZA (the early years, 1980)

[20200728] ANNALIZA (the early years, 1980) (2)

[20200505] ANNA LIZA (portions of the early years)

Anna Liza scene uploaded by Jojo Bailon, reuploaded in YouTube

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