Anytime You Need A Friend (lost original Mariah Carey music video; 1994)

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Mariah Carey circa 1995.jpg

Mariah Carey circa 1995.

Status: Lost

Mariah Carey is a famous singer/songwriter whose career has spanned over three decades. In 1994, she released her third studio album Music Box, which was certified Diamond by the RIAA. The album's fourth single, "Anytime You Need A Friend", received multiple music videos, including one for the C+C Music Factory's remix of the song.[1] However, the original version of the music video, directed by Diane Martel, was never released.

Entertainment Tonight Video

In March 2020, Entertainment Tonight posted a video from the vault showing rare behind-the-scenes footage of the making of an unseen version of "Anytime You Need A Friend." This version has Carey in a floor-length gown with her hair styled into her signature curls and was to feature a medieval structure as well as a gospel choir.[2] In the video posted by Entertainment Tonight, Carey talks about the concept of the video with director Diane Martel, shows ET around the set and performs a short a cappella rendition of her song "Now That I Know" from the Music Box album.[3]

For reasons unknown, this version of the music video was ultimately shelved and remains unreleased to this day.


The official music video.

Entertainment Tonight's Behind the Scenes Video for the original "Anytime You Need A Friend" video.

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