BIONICLE Legends 7: Invasion (partially found unpublished book from "BIONICLE" novels; 2007)

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Cover of the sixth book in the Legends series.

Status: Partially Found

BIONICLE Legends is a series of novels based on the BIONICLE franchise written by Greg Farshtey. It is the third book series to be written on the franchise and was ultimately succeeded by a three-book series called Bionicle Super Chapter Books.

The 2007 storyline ultimately had three novels, but four were initially planned. Invasion was scheduled to be the second. However, publisher Scholastic experienced a drop in sales in 2006 and decided to drop one book from 2007's schedule. Invasion was likely chosen to be dropped since it didn't pertain to the primary storyline. The more story-relevant book Prisoners of the Pit ended up becoming the seventh in the BIONICLE Legends series instead.

Invasion was never finished, with only 6,000 words of 20,000 written, and most of what was written for it was allegedly lost when the author's computer died.[1] As such, it's not likely that the novel will be released in any form.

Known Details

The following are some plot points or details published about Invasion before its cancellation. This is collected from LEGO magazine, Bionicle Encyclopedia Updated, and Greg Farshtey's social media updates.

  • The Toa Inika journeying down the Cord towards Mahri Nui.
  • The Spear of Fusion, having been snapped to pieces by Reidak in Inferno, being repaired through its own power by Vezon.
  • The Toa Inika encountering Vezon, who slams Matoro's head into a wall.
  • Jaller incinerates the Spear of Fusion, preventing it from ever being used again.
  • The Toa Inika running into a colony of hostile Zyglak.
  • Vezon being dragged away by the Zyglak.
  • Hahli being injured in battle.
  • Makuta Teridax possessing Matoro's spiritless body while the latter used his Mask power of astral projection to scout ahead, and then stealing Hahli's Mask of Detection.
  • The Toa Inika forcing Teridax out of Matoro's body by threatening to kill it.
  • An explanation of the relationship between Zyglak and Krana.


The fan community was disappointed in the book's cancellation, and in response, Greg Farshtey said that the events of the book would likely be published online in some form. He initially entertained the idea of it being published on, condensed to a summary of about 3,600 words, but this never occurred. Eventually, he and the franchise's largest fan site BZPower discussed plans to publish the story there. Farshtey sent BZPower the "first chunk" of the book. BZPower wanted the author to commit to finishing the story, but he didn't have the time, so the plan was abandoned.[2]

Rediscovery of the introduction

In 2019, TTV Channel member JSLBrowning, planning a plot reconstruction of the unfinished book for the Wall of History fan project, was browsing the Official Greg Discussion archive on The Great Archives and found the post mentioning that BZPower was sent the first part of the manuscript. JSLBrowning contacted BZPower Administrator Black Six about this, who did some digging and found the introduction.[3] This chunk of text was then published on the Wall of History project site.[4] This introduction has less than 700 words, meaning most of what was finished is likely gone forever.

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