Baby Van Gogh (lost blue/yellow puppet show of Baby Einstein video series; 2000)

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A screenshot of the missing puppet show.

Status: Lost

Baby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh is the fifth video released in the Baby Einstein Video Series. The video was released on August 15th, 2000. The aim of the video is to educate children about art, utilizing six color-related vignettes (purple, yellow, green, red, orange, and blue.) It also features music by Rossini, Bizet, Strauss, Satie, Mussorgsky, Ravel, Offenbach, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky. These songs are also featured on the film’s counterpart CD, ‘'Art Time Classics.


In the VHS (inc. DVD) during the Toy Chest (a sequence showing the toys and puppets used in the film), there is a screenshot of a puppet show featuring Vincent Van Goat that wasn't featured in the film. However, there's already a puppet show with Misty the Mouse that looks exactly like the alleged lost puppet show with Vincent in it. Many claim it was used as a promotional picture for when the video was going to release, or was just a stock photo only to be used for the Toy Chest.

It is unknown if that puppet show was originally going to be used to promote the color "Blue" or if it was going to promote the color "Yellow". There's no puppet show used to promote yellow like there is for all the other colors in the film. It is also possible that it might've been shown on the VHS shown in the video tutorial. But because of the nature of lost/unused content, it may only be in the hands of the production team.

Back in 2016, A user by the name of BE2003 had emailed Julie Aigner-Clark about the puppet show, but she didn't know what he was talking about, meaning she either didn't know about this, or did but wasn't there for when the filming took place.


No footage of the puppet show has surfaced, not even part of the "Classic" Baby Einstein DVD sets from 2020 as a bonus feature as well.

The original website's Toy Chest as well as in the video, only features the screenshot of the missing puppet show.[1]


The video.

The Video Tutorial with showing the VHS at 0:19.

All Baby Einstein Toy Chests with the screenshot at 5:37.

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