Brat TV's early programming (partially found web series; 2017-2018)

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Brat early logo.jpg

One of Brat TV's earlier logos.

Status: Partially Found

BratTV, earlier known simply as Brat is a digital network that creates media content, primarily web series and movies, aimed at tweens and teens [1]. Their shows and movies are known for starring popular social media stars[2].

The network publishes its content across several platforms but is mostly known for its YouTube channel, where they have 4.82 million subscribers as of November 2020 [3]. While most of Brat's shows can be found on their YouTube channel or elsewhere online, a significant amount of their earlier content has been privated or deleted, leading to a lot of these shows' episodes being lost. While a few episodes have been reuploaded elsewhere online, none of the deleted shows have been found in full. To date, seven of Brat TV's early web series are partially or fully lost.

Shows That Are Partially or Fully Lost


Misshaps (June 12th-August 7th, 2017) was a comedy show starring Kristen Hancher that is said to be inspired by "I Love Lucy" [4]. The show was cancelled after one season [5].


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Pilot: The Cheat Jun 12th, 2017 Found
2 Party Hands Jun 12th, 2017 Found
3 Second Base Jun 19th, 2017 Found
4 Sex Talk Jun 25th, 2017 Found
5 The Dentist Jul 3rd, 2017 Lost
6 The Lie Jul 10th, 2017 Found
7 Nosebleed Jul 17th, 2017 Lost
8 The Egg Jul 24th, 2017 Found
9 The Surprise Jul 31st, 2017 Found
10 The Berf Aug 7th, 2017 Lost

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School (July 8th-July 22nd, 2017) was a comedy that starred Siena Mirabella as a high school student who has to try to find new friends after hers have graduated [6]. According to IMDB, it's a movie [7], however, it seems to actually have been a show [8]., as Siena herself also says in one of her youtube videos[9]. That video also indicates that the first two episodes premiered on the same day. Two of her other videos confirms the existence of episodes 3 and 4. [10] [11]


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 First Day Jul 8th, 2017 Lost
2 Namaste Jul 8th, 2017 Lost
3 Catch Jul 15th, 2017 Lost
4 Boyfriend's Back Jul 22nd, 2017 Lost

My Not So Sweet 16

My Not So Sweet 16 (July 7th, 2017-?) was an anthology-style comedy series where each episode followed a new character who were attending a friend's Sweet 16. It's unknown how many episodes were produced, but there were at least 5. [12]


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Entrance Jul 7th, 2017 Lost
2 ??? 2017 Lost
3 ??? 2017 Lost
4 ??? 2017 Lost
5 Workplace 2017 Lost

The Pain of Painting

The Pain of Painting (July 19th-August 9th, 2017) was a humorous reality/talk show starring Jason Nash who interviewed guests while painting. The show has only one season consisting of four episodes[13].


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Jason Nash & David Dobrik Jul 19th, 2017 Found
2 Jason Nash & Josh Peck Jul 26th, 2017 Lost
3 Jason Nash & Kristen Hancher Aug 2nd, 2017 Lost
4 Jason Nash & Piper Rockelle Aug 9th, 2017 Lost


Sheltered (July 21st-August 11th, 2017) was a mockumentary series starring Nazanin Kavari as Hallie, a beauty vlogger in a post-apocalyptic world[14]. The series seems to have consisted of 5 episodes[15], although this has yet to be confirmed. Wikipedia lists the series' start date as July 21 and the end date as August 11, meaning that if this is true and the show really had five episodes, two of them were likely published on the same day.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Unboxing Jul 21st, 2017 Found
2 ??? Jul 21st? 2017 Lost
3 ??? Jul 28th? 2017 Lost
4 ??? Aug 4th? 2017 Lost
5 ??? Aug 11th 2017 Lost

Cody & Lexy

Cody & Lexy (July 27th-August 17th, 2017), was a romantic dramedy where real-life spouses Cody and Alexys Johns played fictionalized versions of themselves[16]. The episodes had the couple relaying early moments of their relationship, often misremembering them in the process. Only four episodes were ever released [17] [18].


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Lockers Jul 27th, 2017 Found
2 First Kiss Aug 3rd, 2017 Lost
3 Double Silent Treatment Aug 10th, 2017 Lost
4 Fairgrounds Aug 17th, 2017 Found


Keys (July 29th, 2017-February 14th, 2018) was a show that starred brothers Dylan and Hayden Summerall in the roles of brothers Adam and Jay, whose lives change when Adam gets his first car keys. [19]. The show only lasted one season [20].


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Tail Light Out Jul 29th, 2017 Lost
2 Russian Novels Aug 6th, 2017 Lost
3 Fourth of July Aug 13th, 2017 Found
4 Indian Food Aug 22nd, 2017 Found
5 Out of Gas Aug 28th, 2017 Found
6 Texts, Lies, & Blackmail Jan 12th, 2018 Lost
7 Stranger Rings Jan 19th, 2018 Lost
8 Time is a Flat Tire Jan 26th, 2018 Lost
9 Two Can Keep a Secret Feb 2nd, 2018 Lost
10 Clowntown Feb 9th, 2018 Lost
11 Winter Weekend Feb 14th, 2018 Lost

Other Missing Content

On March 29, 2017, Brat uploaded the very first video to their channel, a video simply called "♫ Changing ♫". This was a music video set to John Mayer's song "Changing", and was a tribute in honor of Trans Visibility Day[21] Like most of the network's other early videos, "Changing" has since been privated.


Video Title Air Date Status
♫ Changing ♫ Mar 29th, 2017 Lost
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