Caitlin's Way (partially found Nickelodeon/YTV teen drama series, promos, and dubs; 2000-2002)

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The logo as seen in the intro.

Status: Partially found

Date found: Around the 2010s decade.

Found by: Unknown

Caitlin's Way was a short-lived teen drama TV series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2002. The series was created by Thomas A. Lynch and Paul M. Belous. Since it cancellation in 2001, due to declining ratings, it has been forgotten ever since when it got overtaken by Zoey 101, a similar show from the channel. However, it somewhat gained a cult flowing in the 2010's when a few YouTubers recently uploaded the series.


It focuses on the lives of a troubled teenager named, Caitlin Seeger who formally lives on the streets of Philadelphia. After being arrested at school, a judge gives her a choice moving to Montana with her mother's cousin or sent to a youth detention center. As a result, she decides to stay with her mother's cousin home in Montana. When she moved to Montana she starts to have culture shock. Caitlin however was still displeased about what happened to her mother's death when she was 8-years old, and tries to adjust into a loving family and a permanent home.


  • After the series was cancelled in 2001, reruns continued to air twice in June 2002 and Dec 2003, and finally until 2005 on Nickelodeon.[1] It continued to air on Noggin's teen-oriented block "The N" (from 2007-2009), which also aired the un-aired episode of "Burned" on February 11, 2008.
  • The first overall YouTube user, Adrian Spencer uploaded a total of 39 episodes divided into 2 parts in late 2012. However, the remaining episodes such as, Dr. Truth, Chemistry, Little Sister, Juliet & Her Romeo, Bowlerama, Heartbeat, Old Friends, All About Caitlin, Truant, Duh Truth Uh-Huh, Solo, Burned, The Promise (Parts 1 & 2) where the only episodes that are lost.
  • However, recently in 2023, an Internet Archive User, named VictorRocks Archives Revised was able to find all the episodes and uploaded them from Tubi TV and in master quality.[2]

Lost Dubs

  • Various dubs of the series have also been either partially found or entirely lost:
    • The overall incomplete dub of the series is the French/Quebec dub called, Caitlin, Montana which contained only 22 episodes of Season 1 is available on YouTube (via managua's channel) but it's missing episodes 23-52.
    • There is also a Spanish dub of the series dubbed Entre dos mundos, which is also entirely lost.[3][4]
    • Another dub of the series from Italy titled, Avventure ad High River that aired on RaiSat Smash in 2007, five years after the series got cancelled. The dub is also lost as well.[5]
    • The German dub titled, Caitlin aired in early 2001 on Disney Channel in Germany.[6]
    • Surprisingly, there is even a rare Japanese dub of the series that aired on NHK Education, which is called 私はケイトリン[7].

Missing Episodes

# Episode Title Status: English
40 Dr. Truth Found
41 Chemistry Found
42 Little Sister Found
43 Juliet & Her Romeo Found
44 Bowlerama Found
45 Heartbeat Found
46 Old Friends Found
47 All About Caitlin Found
48 Truant Found
49 Duh Truth, Uh-huh Found
50 Solo Found
51 Burned Found
52 The Promise (Parts 1 & 2) Found

Lost Pilot

There has also been a lost pilot of the series, titled Stray Dog in 1998. However, it is either unknown if it aired or hasn't.[8]



A Nickelodeon promo for the series.

60 seconds promo of the Nicksclusive on behind the scenes of the series.

Promo of the series on the N.


A YTV promo.

21 second version of the promo of the same channel.


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